Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl Ads I

Almost to the 2 minute mark before halftime and very few memorable commercials, IMO.

(Not counting movie trailers.)

The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Bridgestone ad was amusing.  The Doritos ad where the guy gets hit by the bus was just weird (but memorable).  What does it mean?  If you eat Doritos, you can get whatever you dream of (girl with clothes flying off, cop not coming at you, free money from the ATM) but you get hit by a bus?  So basically, eating Doritos means you won't pay attention and you'll get hit by a bus?  The e-trade babies were cute, but the ad was ok.

Then, of course, there were the Clydesdales.  I love the Clydesdales.  The dating one where he runs to his love at the circus was amusing, and the show-off one was funny.  More Clydesdales please.

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