Thursday, April 27, 2006


When I was upstairs on the conference floor, I ran into some "plantscape specialists" with watering cans.
I found myself wishing I could water plants all day instead of doing work.
I hope this isn't one of those days...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sun Day

The kids at Bellingham Christian School sound like they have it good. (
No school on the first sunny day that hits at least 63 degrees?  Can I have a play day off from work too?  How come the schools I went to weren't cancelled for nice weather?
For example, it is about 68 and sunny outside. It felt beautiful outside as I walked to work.  Why can't I go to the park? Sigh.
This story can't be real...


So, downstairs on the construction floor, it sounds like they are flushing the whole floor down a giant metal toilet.  What the heck is going on?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Case of the Mondays

Jet lag + spring allergies + possible cold from airplane = unpleasant Monday morning, especially when you know you're going into work and will be faced with everything you missed since last week.

I like to call this "vacation aftermath."

Happy Monday morning!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Heading out west for a few days.  Probably no blogging until I get back.  Somehow it's April, yet it's the first real vacation I've taken since I started working in September.  (I'm still using last year's vacation time!)  It'll be nice to take a break.  Have a good weekend!


Well, that was the fastest Boston Legal I ever watched on my DVR.

Because I fast-forwarded at 4x speed since they were showing the rescue of the people stuck on the stalled tram for the whole hour.

I mean, it's definitely a news story.  A tram getting stuck over the river due to a power failure? I'm sure if I were on there I'd be freaked out.  I don't usually get claustrophobic, but there's definitely been moments... especially in a small enclosed area that stops moving, I can imagine that would be one of them.

In other "news," the photo of Katie Holmes in the CNN article about their "baby" ... she seriously looks like she's in a trance.  I liked Tom Cruise so much more when he was Jerry Maguire instead of a couch-jumping psycho talking about birthing seminars.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006



I update the photoblog in spurts. I wish I could make it a habit...

Monday, April 17, 2006


Eww, gross.  This guy just called up the radio station, "I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I wanted to put my phone number on the radio for all the hot girls to call me."

TV Dilemmas

Wednesday at 8 pm is just one big mess.
It used to be, sometime in the fall, that there was nothing on Wednesdays.  I would DVR Lost, and that was about it.  Then Project Runway started, and it was just Lost and PR for awhile.
Then Bones got moved to the 8 pm slot.
And a new cycle of America's Next Top Model, 8 pm slot.
That's fine for my DVR.  It can tape 2 things at once.
Then Amazing Race got moved from a time slot that was great for me because I was usually home - Tuesday at 10 pm (but I understand the whole "family TV" thing, but it's not doing better, is it??) - to Wednesday at 8 pm.
Annoying, but doable.  After all, UPN often reruns ANTM on Tuesday nights.
But this week, Alias is back. Messy!  I haven't taped anything on my VCR since Chicago, but I may have to go search out a tape, because this episode of Bones is supposed to be really good and I don't want to miss it completely.  Grr to the scheduling powers that be.  Making me wish I had 2 DVRs, except I never needed one until all of this was rescheduled into one darn time slot.
So many hours to log onto the already full DVR.  Alias is 2 hours, but on a normal night, it would be Lost.  And I'm still watching Heist, even though it got cancelled.  I wish NBC would have tried to move it somewhere else.  Didn't they notice that the ratings were higher when it was in the L&O timeslot and it dropped because it was up against, say, American Idol and Lost?  Grrr.
I wish there were another season of Project Runway on already.  I miss that show.
Seriously earthshattering problems, I know.  But if little things amuse me (see earlier post), little things often annoy me.  And sometimes concentrating on the little things is easier than thinking about the big things, right?


I was supposed to get a new officemate today.
But I'm not sure how my new officemate is supposed to function if he has no phone, the computer's not fully hooked up and they didn't bring down the customary office supplies set-up.
If he were to start today, it's probably new hire orientation, but wouldn't they have at least set the area up in case he came by after orientation?
Maybe I'm not really getting a new officemate and they just didn't want me to switch to the window side of the office.
I even cleaned up most of my stuff from that side of the office, since I was using it for awhile when I ran out of desk space!
We'll see what happens. :) 

Fake People

I hate when people call on the phone in fake overly cheery tones.
Especially when they're saying things that are really snotty but acting all cheerful.
The only way to make myself feel better about suffering through a phone call with such person is to respond back in superperky fake overly cheery tones.
She didn't like it too much.  She had tried ending the call 3 times previously but she wasn't really giving me any information, so of course I had questions (for example, a politer version of "exactly who are you if you're telling me you sent me a letter concerning x but can't give me any information concerning x and are telling me I need to call Y instead?").  Needless to say, Miss SuperCheery didn't even give me a goodbye and hung up within a millisecond of my "you have a GREAT day too!!"
Hee.  Sometimes you really have to find little ways to amuse yourself.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I think I missed the arrival of spring.


I went back to my parents' place during the first weekend of April and was shocked at all the flowering trees. I mean, when did this happen? Sure, there were some really nice days, but it had also been cold, and how did spring get here so fast?

I convinced myself that I just hadn't noticed the coming of spring because the trees near my apartment hadn't bloomed yet. After all, there is a tree right outside the bedroom window. It's not flowering...

But as I returned home that Sunday, I realized all the trees in front of the building - that is, all the trees I walk by on the way to work every morning - are in full bloom.

Hmm. I wonder what I've been looking at all these days...

And the daffodils are pretty too.

Spring is here, and somehow I totally missed the changing of the seasons. Darn.

This was a pretty rough week of work. It seemed like everyone was busy. I wonder if it was just the time of the year or if it had to do with the holidays. But I definitely wasn't home enough. And Monday through Thursday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous... or so I was told, I didn't really make it outside until late. It was nice at night though...

Evidence of how busy I was is the DVR. Before tonight, when we watched 24 over dinner, this was all I had watched during the week: American Idol, America's Next Top Model (the Tuesday re-air), Amazing Race, The O.C.

What's left on the DVR: 2 episodes of the Apprentice, The Unit, America's Next Top Model, Heist, Lost, Survivor, Without a Trace... and a lot of things are in reruns this week! But there's also 2 episodes of Sons and Daughters and another episode of The Unit still sitting on the DVR. I'm so behind!

Anyway, enough about my rough week. Back to the show on the Top 50 Chick Flicks. :) Hope all you readers didn't miss the beginning of spring!

Friday, April 14, 2006


If yesterday at the office felt like a snow day, today feels like a blizzard day during a transit strike.
Okay, maybe it's not that much emptier than yesterday, but it's still really empty here, between Passover and Good Friday. 
There's no one around!
Hope everyone's having a happy holiday :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I came into work for a few hours today to get some stuff done and had been worried that the construction monsters would be at it full force.
Instead, I should have been worried about the Scottish Day Parade.  And how apparently right outside our building doors, it's a nice safe haven from the rain and a great place to warm-up.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Physical Touch.

Complete set of results

Quality Time:
Physical Touch:
Words of Affirmation:
Acts of Service:
Receiving Gifts:

Take the quiz

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It's April and it's snowing.  On Saturday, it was a balmy 75 degrees, and on Wednesday, it's snowing.
And it's not like wet snow, almost rain.  Right now it's coming down in huge flakes like styrofoam packing peanuts.  Goodness.
And I left my hat and my mittens in my parents' car a couple of weeks ago, so all I've got is my coat.  The Weather Channel did say AM snow, but when I left for the doctor, it was just cloudy.  When I went from the doctor to work, I was really wishing that I had worn my raincoat and my boots.  Only TWC said it would snow, and I didn't believe them!  Serves me right...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I was putting together a closing index and stared at the date for awhile.
How the heck did it get to be April?!?
Where have I been and what have I been doing?!?
A week or so ago (can't remember), a friend of mine was telling me about admitted students weekend at the law school, and I was forced to think about how, if a new class is already coming to visit, it means it's been almost a year since graduation.  Where did the time go?
Then I found out about a celebration for one of my cousins which is exactly one year to the day from graduation.
Scary. How could I have graduated a year ago??  The time is just flying by. It definitely doesn't feel like I've been working for 6.5 months.
And the summers will be here in the blink of an eye.
I need a way to slow down time!

Monday, April 03, 2006


What delivery luck I have.
Remember my Thai delivery debacle from awhile back?
Lately, it hasn't been nearly as bad, but how many times until it becomes a streak?
Last time, I ordered sandwiches. I wanted to do something healthy, so I ordered grilled chicken with mozzarella, tomato, onion and lettuce.  I got breaded chicken cutlet with cheddar cheese and bacon.
Today, I ordered fries and they didn't come with the order.


I hate losing an hour of sleep.  Or an hour of time, however you want to look at it.
And I really don't like that every time daylight savings time comes around, I seem to be awake to see the clock jump from 1:59 to 3 am. It's not a great feeling.
I'm all thrown off with the time change. Everything feels off, and bad allergies added on top of it doesn't help.  I end up going to sleep later, can't wake up, meals feel too early.... ack.
So the time change threw me off.  Then when I finally left this morning, the Times clock was out.  On the first block of my walk to work, I can see the clock on the NY Times building. I use it as a measure for how early or late I am compared to neighboring days.  But today it was out! I knew I was on the later side, but still... it was out! I've never seen it out!
Finally get to Times Square and the Coke sign, one of my favorite TS signs, is completely out.  Like a big black hole.
Everything just feels so... odd.  And I have this unsettling disoriented feeling. *shudder*
Now I'm realizing the NY Times has a new online design.  I like it better, but also making me feel really thrown off.  I need to find something to do to make myself feel more grounded.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


I was submitting a sweepstakes entry this week for TV on DVD sets, and they asked what show you would like to see on DVD.

Of course, the shows I want to see on DVD are either the ones I love (which are mostly already on DVD) and the shows that have been cancelled.

Which made me wonder... what shows am I mad about this year? Which networks am I holding a "grudge" against for their bad decisions? ("Grudge" only in an "I remember how you cancelled a good show" sense, not any grudge with consequences, because I can't really stay away from the networks.)

Let's start with CBS. That one's easy: Threshold! I'm still upset, because they pushed it all over the schedule and barely gave it a shot when it wasn't doing that badly. It was on Friday night! What do you expect, blockbuster ratings? And then when you move the show and half the people don't know what's going on, you think they're going to tune in? Doubtful. And the last episode that was going to air looked really good. I'm a little annoyed with the time change for The Amazing Race, because I actually liked it at 10, but I can imagine why most people didn't. But it made it easier for me because: (a) I was usually home when it was on and (b) I already have 2 things on the DVR on Wed @ 8: Bones and Top Model! I guess I'll have to watch Top Model on the Tuesday reairing....

So I think the only thing I am mad at CBS about is Threshold, but it's a big one for me this season.

NBC. Book of Daniel. Simple one to pick out, because it was genuinely funny. But I often forget to name this one on a list, because it was barely even on TV before it got yanked. Granted, the advertisers were pulling out left and right because it was "controversial," but please. It was such a good show. I miss it. Can't think of anything else on NBC. Except that they're trying to kill Heist by putting it in the Wed @ 9 killer spot.

ABC. I'm worried that they're going to prematurely kill In Justice and Sons and Daughters. They got rid of Crumbs even though it was funny and doing well. They're treating the exit of Alias like crap when it was the only good thing on the network for years. And I thought What About Brian was never going to end up making it to air!

And now for the network that's usually the show-killer... Fox. Kitchen Confidential, Reunion. Two shows I liked, but mostly I'm upset that the former never really had a chance and the latter doesn't get to solve its mysteries. I'm not really going to touch on the whole Arrested Development thing, because even though I have it on DVD, I didn't usually watch it live.

Hmm. Just read on futoncritic that In Justice already finished its 13 episode season. So I guess now, it's wait until there's news or the upfronts to find out if it gets to come back. C'mon, ABC, something has to balance out the Dick Wolf empire! And show that not everyone is guilty!

But those are the shows that I'm upset got cancelled or pulled from the schedule this season. What about you?

(For the record, on the sweepstakes entry, I think I put Threshold, Jack and Bobby and Bones, since there's been no DVD announcement on that one yet.)