Saturday, January 31, 2009

2 am

I'm watching QVC while working and one of the hosts said or did
something (not sure what). It was followed by the same host saying it
was 2 am and no one was watching anyway. Can they really say that? I
doubt it's even true. Maybe there are a lot of people out there like
me that like it for background noise or amusement.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There's actually a fair amount of snow (for Manhattan) on the sidewalks (considering my expectations).  Will probably be gone in the "morning" by the time I'm awake...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's time for reprogramming.
For the past 8 years (and increasingly over the past 8 years), when I have heard the terms - "President" or "the Administration" or "the White House" - my mind has jumped to a negative place.  It was some sort of disgust, resignation, an "oh now what" type of doom. 
But no longer!
It's like those psych experiments where one thing is wired to the left hand and the other to the right and then you have to switch.  It's going to take some time to get used to this and to rewire my brain, but I'm glad we get to do it.  Woohoo!  Finally these things are POSITIVE!


Last night I had another wedding-related dream.  (Sigh.)  This one was about whether or not you could release a certain type of bird at the wedding ceremony.  Apparently you could only do this in Maui because Maui has Haleakala and that made it OK.  This makes ZERO sense, but I'm guessing was influenced by the story I saw on Consumerist about Hawaii moving to digital because of some bird that lives on the Haleakala slopes and its mating season.  But it doesn't make sense at all, because we have no intention or desire to release birds of any sort at the ceremony!!  I don't understand why I'm dreaming about bird releases.

My Inauguration Story

I was not one of the millions in Washington, DC today watching the inauguration. (This would be obvious to you if you were following my inauguration saga on Facebook.) I really wish I could have been there, but I also have a very low tolerance for crowded lines, so I'm not sure it would have been the best place for me (and I'm also still sick, so not a great idea).

The day started out slowly. I watched coverage on cable news, people coming out of the church, special people going to their seats, dignitaries arriving, and I had to pull myself away to go to the office, or else I would never leave!

I pass through Times Square on the way to work, and as I planned, I passed by the big TV set up in Duffy Square by Time Warner Cable. It was in this big red, white and blue setup and was set up so that people could sit on the TKTS risers and watch. There were already at least 100 people there, and it wasn't even 11 yet. It was only going to get more crowded. Snapped a few photos and then headed to the office.

The first thing I did (other than work) was try to log on to one of the online streaming sites because I was already in need of my inauguration fix! I had planned to watch all of the inauguration coverage on my computer in case I had an emotional fit (like I did on election night), but that was not to be. I tried CNN-Facebook (wouldn't load), C-SPAN (site wouldn't even load), MSNBC (wouldn't connect), Hulu (stalled every 5 seconds), even NPR wouldn't load (and that didn't even have any images that I know of!). Many work interruptions, many failed attempts at online streaming later, and it was already 11:40 am. I had planned to watch the coverage but had seen nothing since I left home. I was frustrated, upset and sad. This moment meant a lot to me and I was going to miss seeing history live! This couldn't be!

Luckily our office was showing it on TV live in the cafe and in another room, but I hadn't planned to go there initially since I couldn't multitask. But in the end, history won out and I went upstairs and joined the mob of people in the middle of the opening prayer. Luckily I didn't miss the swearing-in of the Vice President. I made it just in time. I know I was fortunate that it was being shown in-house, because I have no idea what I would have done otherwise since I couldn't connect to online streaming. They promoted the online coverage so heavily (especially Hulu and CNN-Facebook) -- how could they not be prepared for this onslaught? It was so frustrating!

I watched the remainder of the opening prayer, the musical performances, the Vice President taking the oath (it feels so good to say Vice President Biden!), and finally, President Obama (it feels even better to say that and still so surreal!) taking the oath (good job Roberts...). It was an unbelievable moment. There was clapping and cheering in the cafe. Even though he officially became president at noon without the oath, now, both officially and symbolically, the Bush era is over. Completely over.

The inaugural speech was fantastic. I'm not going to quote it, because it's too difficult to not quote it all. But points I liked. Hope over fear. Citing different religions and including non-believers. Talking about how we will value both safety and our ideals and respect and follow the rule of law (and CNN cutting to show Bush 43 when he said that). It just set the right tone, and I really hope they find effective ways to get us all to pitch in to help change America. Let's put that mega mailing list to good use!

Watched more of the coverage over a lunch meeting (including the benediction which was great - yellow will be mellow!). Tuned in this afternoon and watched the parade coverage on CNN-Facebook, which got more reliable as the afternoon went on and people tuned out/went home. It felt great being part of something bigger, something national, something worldwide. And watching the Facebook status updates was kind of addictive!

But of course, not everything about this day was perfect. I'm glad Senator Kennedy is ok, and wish him and his family the best. It was such a scare at that congressional luncheon today hearing that news!

I still can't believe that it's real, and that we're living in a new age with Barack Obama as our president. It felt like the nightmare of the Bush era was never going to end. And this also feels good knowing that I was PART of it. I donated to the campaign, both money and time. I voted. My vote counted. My vote (even though I'm from a safe state) helped contribute to this, this unbelievable, historical day.

They have used various songs throughout the day on the networks, but I think the one that perfectly fits a montage of inaugural pictures is U2's "Beautiful Day." Beautiful day indeed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hehe, MSNBC's on-screen caption said "inugural." It's been a long day.


Now that I have thought about chiavari chairs, I am seeing them everywhere!  Like, for example, in the President's viewing booth for the parade.
It feels sooooooo good to be able to call him "President Obama."  I can't believe this day is finally here.  This 8 year nightmare is finally over.  Amazing.

Weekend Notes

Random weekend notes:

1. I have been sick all weekend. Thank goodness it was a 3 day weekend so I could try to recuperate, but let me just say that being sick on a 3 day weekend SUCKS. I'm sick of being sick! I'm hoping this Theraflu stuff works... on top of the 5-6 other things I'm taking...

2. I can't believe our long (8 years long!) national nightmare will be over tomorrow. It's almost unimaginable!

3. I watched 5 hours of Lost tonight, broken up by the new episode of 24. It's like drama overload. (Would have watched all 6 hours of Lost on Sci-Fi (yes, it was 6, not 4, I was wrong before), but was taping 2 things (Kyle XY and 24) on the DVR.)

4. Poor Alvin didn't have today off, so for him, today is not still the weekend.

5. I had better sleeping habits this weekend when I was sick, but now it's back to almost 1 am and still up.

6. Our save the dates came in the mail! Yay! Although they're a little lighter in color, and less contrast, than we expected. I guess the proof looks different on the laptop than it did on the paper. But they're still pretty. And Wedding Paper Divas has been a good company to work with. (I love that they have customer service chat!)

7. I have still not decided whether or not to watch the inauguration in public, but will most likely be watching at my desk.

8. I never knew until tonight that the quick way to make hot dogs in the microwave was to wrap the hot dog in the bun and wrap the whole thing in a towel. It's so quick and easy! I've never done it that way before... How have I missed this?

9. I hope I remember to take the Halls cough drops tomorrow, on top of the Sucrets which I will run out of, and my Theraflu pack.

10. After my post about wedding dreams, I had one non-wedding dream (relating to Boston, Hawaii, public transportation, getting to Logan airport, and coastline views), but the rest have all had something to do with weddings. I guess I will just live with it. :)

Off to getting ready to sleep!

Monday, January 19, 2009


"4 hours of Lost. Starting next."

That's what I like to hear. Thank you, Sci-Fi, for helping me remember what happened last season before the premiere!


I kind of hate the new ad for the 100 calorie packs of oreo cakesters. Portrays women as hysterical and crazy while the men look sensible and normal. Very annoying screaming too.


Good. Looks like I'm getting the matchup I hoped for in the Superbowl. Steelers-Cardinals. Good.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I would like to inform the PathWords game on Facebook that "BOOLEAN" is a word!


CNN is talking about all the historic events that are converging with Barack Obama's inauguration.

- Right after Dr King's birthday (observed)
- The convention being set for the anniversary of the speech prior to it being Obama's nomination
- The anniversary of the NAACP after what happened in Springfield

and so much more. I think maybe it was just meant to be.

I'm still debating whether to watch in public (in our firm cafe) or on Hulu in my office, considering my probability of being a crying mess (like I was on election day).


I am amused that CNN is devoting all day to the "Obama Express."

Friday, January 16, 2009

Odds and Ends

1.  I skipped last season of America's Best Dance Crew because of timing conflicts and DVR issues, but I think I may have to watch this season!  All of the crews were really good, and it's perfect for people going through SYTYCD withdrawal (unlike Superstars of Dance).  They have Quest!  And the clogger!
2.  I do not like negative wind chills.  Every time I think about how much the weather sucks, I just keep reminding myself that Chicago is much, much worse.
3.  I need to stop having wedding-related dreams.  It is getting really ANNOYING.  Not even about our wedding or our planning, but like random stuff!  Last night, I remember 3 segments of my dream.  One dealt with work and people signing something that we had been asking about for weeks that wasn't really done.  The other 2 dealt with weddings!  In one, I had a cousin who just got engaged (it must be a fictional cousin, because I don't think this can apply to any of my own) and planned a wedding for the day right before ours, and told us to move our date even though they got engaged after us and we had already put down a bunch of deposits and had done all this planning and they had done nothing.  It caused a lot of strife.  The last part I remember is being an observer to a Jewish wedding, and two people were telling me about some custom about weddings taking place at the same time at the same place, and how the original couple can go through some practice or ritual to ensure they have good luck even if someone else wants to get married at the same place at the same time.  (I have no idea if this is even a custom in ANY culture, it was weird.)  There were opal like pebbles involved in the stone bowl type thing they use for tableside guacamole.  And in one of these segments or some other segment, we were driving around a parking lot.  But anyway, need to stop dreaming about weddings!  It's something different every time but seriously!  Although I suppose dreaming about weddings is better than dreaming about some other stuff...
4.  I was talking the other day about how Flavors and Cafe Metro must be owned by the same people because their "organic chick pea salad" looked awfully similar (but was cheaper at Metro).  It was disappointing to realize today while reading Midtown Lunch that I was correct.  I don't know how I feel about this now...  I also wish Just Salad would open up closer already, because I want their salads and they are too far of a walk.  All the places I want to go to for lunch are too far away in this cold weather.
5.  Do they make a converter switch to switch between the DVD player and the Wii?  I want to use both but don't want to keep unplugging and plugging in.
6.  I have a calendar on my desk at work with pictures of islands.  It helps with daydreaming, but is also a kind of torture if you can't go on vacation right now and are in a cold climate.  Today it was a little easier to deal with because it's the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines and I can't see any water.  Yesterday it was this hut in the middle of the water in the Maldives at sunset, and the day before it was an aerial view of Le Meridien Bora Bora, and it was so hard to look at....
7.  The DVR needs to start taping 3 things at once.  I am having problems with the Tuesdays at 9 pm and Thursdays at 10 pm time slots.  Tuesday is Mentalist, Privileged and Fringe, and Thursday is Burn Notice (next week), Private Practice and Dance Crew.  Thank goodness Kyle XY is no longer on at 8, or else you could add Monday at 8 pm to the list.  And when Survivor returns, may have to add Thursday at 8, because of Survivor, Ugly Betty and Bones.  This is not fair!!  But thank goodness for Hulu.
8.  On the wedding planning front, we have a photographer and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9.  I don't know what to eat for lunch (again, just like yesterday).  I want soup but I don't.  I want salad but I don't.  I want a sandwich but I don't.  I want something with FLAVOR.  I want Zaiya but it's too far.  I want Just Salad but it's too far.  I want salads from Dishes but it's going to be too crowded.  I want Mediterranean salads but I had them last night too.  I want sushi but the good stuff is too far or too expensive or at a sit-down place.  Argh, so difficult!
10.  Is anyone good at calorie counting?  I am very confused as to the proper way to count calories and cannot figure out how to do it unless (a) it's packaged food, (b) the calorie count is given (like at Pret) or (c) you measure out and make the food yourself.  How do I measure a salmon & avocado sushi roll?  What about a portion of a string beans with olive paste dish?  Please help!  I'm trying hard to keep up with this but it's all blanks!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hudson Plane

It's been about an hour now since the news broke about the plane crash in the Hudson River.  I was completely shocked, because I thought if the plane went down on approach to or just after takeoff from the airport, it wouldn't be on this side of Manhattan.  During nice weather, I run on the west side and go by that area!  Scary!
From watching the news on my computer, it sounds like everyone is fine, which is amazing.  It's SO cold outside (wind chill around 11) which is scary for those people who were on board. 
But now I'm wondering -- since the plane landed in the water in one piece (like a controlled landing) -- what now happens with the luggage and carry on bags?  Will people get them back?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Email Resolutions

Woohoo, my gmail inbox is under 6700 messages! And it's not at 6699... it's at 6674! Not too bad, considering it was well above 6900 at the beginning of the year (and I still have to fight the messages coming in every day). I am hoping to be under 6000 by the end of the month. A long, long way to go... I'm setting a goal to be under 6550 by the end of the week. I wonder if that's reasonable...

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't understand. On both Outlook and Facebook tonight, I have had stuff showing up as happening "tomorrow." For example, I sent an email around midnight from Outlook, and in my sent items, it was in the date category "Tomorrow." How can an email that I have already sent be sent tomorrow? Same type of thing for Facebook wall posts. I don't get it...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


ABC's lack of online episodes makes me want to boycott their shows. Seriously.

When I was trying to catch up on some shows before, like Grey's or Ugly Betty or Life on Mars, I was able to do it. They had a few of the past episodes up, and I was able to catch up. I missed some of the other shows in December since things were so busy, and then between work and the holidays, I didn't have time to catch up until now.

And what do I find out?

The shows are no longer there!

Dirty Sexy Money, only the episodes on my DVR are there, not the others, so it's completely useless. Desperate Housewives does not have the episode I'm missing. Brothers and Sisters does not have the 2 episodes I missed. They only have the most recent episode, i.e., the one that was on yesterday.

If you're going to offer serialized shows, you should realize that people need to catch up and may go to your website where you advertise "free episodes." Only having the most recent DOES NOT HELP. This is why it took me months to catch up on Grey's. I had to wait until you put the rerun on TV since you didn't have it online, and even then, I got screwed because of college football and only got half the episode. And what happens if someone starts watching in the middle of the season and wants to see what happened before? They can't! If you have a serialized show, how does that help bring in a new viewer? What incentive is there for someone to start watching a new show if they are unable to find out and watch what happened before until the DVDs come out? Why bother?

I'm seriously annoyed. Should I just take the rest of the season off because I've missed too much and can't catch up (I hate reading recaps instead of watching episodes)? (I guess this doesn't apply to Dirty Sexy Money because they cancelled it already.) There's really no other way to watch other than the single episode online, which does not help since (a) I missed the ones inbetween and (b) I already have this ONE episode on my DVR! Lame.

I don't know what to do because these are shows I actually like. Either offer real online content or offer nothing. What good is one episode? At least 2 episodes would be useful. Especially considering the context. If your last episode was right before the holidays, you really think people don't have other things to worry about at the holidays and are primarily concerned with catching up on their shows? No, they catch up when they get back, i.e. now.

Enough ranting, I have work to do. I was just hoping to catch an episode I missed (instead of watching dietTribe) and now I am seriously frustrated. I'm almost sorry that I'm so addicted to Lost, because between this uselessness and the cancellation of Eli Stone, I'm not very happy with ABC right now.


I don't consider this a spoiler since it has now aired on the West Coast, but they kicked off India and China in the duets category of Superstars of Dance. (We're watching on the DVR and I wrote the last post while the Chinese duet was dancing.)

Ethnic bias, I repeat.

I also can't believe their whole "I want more dancing" bs on the Chinese duet. Were they dancing up a frenzy like Ireland? No, they weren't. But dancing doesn't necessarily mean feet or legs must be in motion constantly. There are other types of dance. She was on pointe on his SHOULDERS. Yes, that's technique, dance technique. Argentina can take her complaining and shove it up her ***. "I want more dance." "From my angle, that was not good."


My weakness for high school dramas led me to watch the majority of yesterday's marathon of the Secret Life of the American Teenager. Yes, I saw almost all of it, until the DVR needed to tape on 2 channels at 9 pm. I'm, um, hooked on it? But was taping 2 things tonight during its normal time slot, and Gossip Girl definitely wins.

My weakness for dance shows led me to watch nearly 4 hours of Superstars of Dance today. However, I'm not so impressed with this show despite my love for SYTYCD. Many reasons: (i) the Irish dancers are getting great scores from everyone, but every single one of their routines is step dancing (and only the duet was slightly different), (ii) 4 hours is a bit much, (iii) there seems to be some sort of bias against the ethnic dancers (other than the one South African dancer) because I don't know what was so wrong with that Bollywood routine that they disliked so much since I thought it was great (India seems to be getting hit hard with this bias), (iv) it doesn't make sense that the Argentinians get called out for not having enough dance elements in their routines but get 8s, and others (such as the Chinese) get called out for not having enough dance elements in their routines and get 7s, and (v) the judging just seems messed up. At least the Russian judge is amusing, and the Chinese judge sounds like he's on a tape recorder with his "8" on almost every dance (it's like he's stopped watching too). If I get too fed up with the scoring, I may just watch the dances and fast forward the judges other than Russia and China.

Monday, January 05, 2009


The "first restaurant visited in 2009" honors goes to...

We went there for lunch on Friday and had some really good falafel and chicken shwarma sandwiches. This location used to be House of Pita, and I loved their falafel sandwiches. Pick-a-Pita is good too -- they let you add in all of their salads to the falafel sandwich which makes it so tasty. You can only see the falafel and the cucumber salad in my picture (mmm, with dill) but I also had carrots, tomatoes and onion and tabouli, and also hummus and tahini. Yum.

I just wish it were closer to the office and I could go more often! The falafel sandwich is a great price considering all the delicious food you get!
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Sunday, January 04, 2009


I got an email in November (yes, I'm cleaning out my inbox) from Trump Resorts stating, "You have been qualified to recieve the free Trump Entertainment Resorts eNewsletter."  Perhaps they should use spellcheck... (and shouldn't it also be "you have qualified"?)

Friday, January 02, 2009


I'm still confused about Bravo's Swingtown marathon. Are they picking up the show? It was a CBS show, not NBC, and I thought it wasn't coming back. It was nice to see some of it though!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


My favorite food from New Years Eve dinner at Kyotofu - sliders with cucumber and shiso. These were SO GOOD. I want more! Sliders and one of the best cocktails I've had in awhile, the Harajuku (lychee, green apple puree, shochu). Mmmmm.
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