Sunday, July 18, 2004

Ground Rules

Well, that seemed awfully simple for a first post. (Simple to post, simple to read.) I've decided to make the leap from Xanga to Blogger mostly because I am sort of a Google groupie. (How can you not be?) So, after having a blog that (almost) no one knew about (it was sort of the "I won't deny it if you find it and ask but I won't tell you of my own volition so have fun searching" type), I think it's time to make a change. So here I am. :)
This is not a private journal or a confessional, so if you don't know me (or even if you do) and are looking for juicy details of my life, you probably won't find them here. (Are there really any "juicy details" to my life?) Also, if you've read Doris Lessing's "The Golden Notebook," you probably understand a little more of what this means to me. This is just one notebook with which I will document my life. I haven't yet defined the contours of what it will be, but since the boundaries of a notebook often change over time, perhaps it's better that way. ;-)
With all that said, hopefully the logistics are now out of the way and with that disclaimer done, I can get things started when I'm a little more awake. (Maybe?) Good night!

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