Monday, March 28, 2005


I was channel surfing looking for something to watch, since I don't watch NYPD Blue, and my jaw dropped when I got to one of the news channels. Indonesia? Earthquake? Are they talking about the December tsunami in some sort of "look back"? No. It happened again, another earthquake. So far no huge tsunami, and let's just hope that never happens again. I can't believe they got hit again so soon with another powerful quake. Sigh.

But what is wrong with Headline News? They're going through the top headlines, and the stories about Terri Schiavo and Michael Jackson were discussed before the earthquake. Shouldn't an 8.7 quake that happened in the past few hours be the top news story, considering that the devastation there not only potentially goes far beyond the other two stories (of course, this starts the huge debate about the value of one life v. the value of many, and I won't even discuss that) but it's news that is new. The other stories have been going on for a while; the earthquake just happened. Doesn't seem like much of a weighing issue to me.

Poor Indonesia. I took a class on Southeast Asian history in undergrad and one of my concentration papers was on part of Indonesia's history. It's somewhere I've always wanted to visit, although hopefully at a more peaceful and less conflicted time. And to be hit twice with a powerful quake in less than 6 months? Why aren't people more concerned? Earthquakes affect a specific region, yes, but isn't the ultimate environmental effect going to be global in the long run? Shouldn't we be concerned that an earthquake hit the same place twice at such strong magnitude so close in time?

Sigh. I have no personal connection to the region but this story is really making me cry. I have to watch something else...


You know those commercials which are supposed to show "ordinary people" gushing about products? To get you to buy a product because people just like you had a great experience with it and would give testimonials about it even without getting paid for it (at least that's what you're supposed to think... they just stopped them on the street and what a great comment!)?

I think General Mills's commercial on whole grain cereal didn't do too well with this concept... at least not now that Trial by Jury is on the air. The first guy talking about how great the cereal was was the guy who played Judge Patel on TBJ last Friday. So after I recognized him, I ceased to actually hear any of the things people were saying about the cereal, and was distracted by wondering if anyone else looked familiar from parts as extras on L&O.

And since I'm talking about cereal.... is it normal for my Rice Krispies to snap crackle and pop when they hit the yogurt...?

I had a weird dream last night. Something with people changing into dresses but only after we went for dinner at Taco Bell, and then a "family tradition" about rolling Easter eggs (the size of my forearm!) at each other in the dark, but it wasn't my family doing this but friends, and then somehow the eggs lit on fire and I was worried about my laptop, which was at the bottom of a grass hill on a wooden coffee table.... bizarre.

But time to get ready for school. This yogurt is really snap crackle and popping.

Sunday Night on the Tube

Desperate Housewives is back! Finally! It's been over a month since they've had a new episode. Perhaps it was the long break, but I thought the show was funnier tonight than in some of the more recent episodes, and it had a lot of little touches of continuity that I definitely appreciated.

Funniest moment? Laundry in the jacuzzi. Definitely.

As for the rest of Sunday TV, I didn't watch any Angel (boo). I watched college basketball (yay). And the Simpsons and the second half of the Contender. It's actually a really good show, and such a shame that it's a ratings bomb. One of the most expensive reality shows ever produced and the quality is actually good... but it just isn't connecting. I think it might just be the wrong time for the show; maybe its "window" already past or is in the future. Oh well.

And the premiere of Grey's Anatomy. I think it grew on me. I was kind of bored in the beginning, but most new shows have a lot of set-up and it takes some time to get into them. The show definitely got better as the hour went on. I'll give it a shot.

Add 2 movies to the "to-see coming-soon" list: The Perfect Man and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Time for me to go to sleep. I've barely been up for 13 hours, but I need to be awake bright and early for a Monday morning of classes. I really miss when I had Mondays off last quarter. It felt so darn good.

Laundry in the jacuzzi. Hee.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Final Four

Wow, my pulse is racing.

In March Madness, I'm an Illini fan by default. Yale doesn't really have a basketball team (that counts for any sort of tournament purposes). My boyfriend went to Illinois. It's the closest big basketball team that counts. The only college basketball fans I really know here all went to Illinois. And the Illini are an exciting team that almost went undefeated and are a ton of fun to watch. No real choice here. The "being surrounded by Illinois alums" factor is probably the strongest one toward making my subconscious allegiance for the Illini.

As someone rooting for the Illini, watching tonight's game, especially the end, was so stressful. Down by 15 points with only minutes to go, managing to catch up and send the game to overtime and then pulling it out by one point... it was amazing.

I think basketball may be the most stress-inducing sport. Sure, hockey has the same quick transfers of possession, but there's a goalie. Baseball and football are different - it's either your turn to score or it's not (with the exception of interceptions and turnovers), and possession changes are usually much slower. That may be why basketball is so exciting... but it's also why it's so stressful. Ack!

I'm supposed to be reading/skimming/leisurely scanning, but I'm only on page 3. That's ok. Angel was worth it (and may watch more in an hour). Yay for Saturdays.

Last School Suffering

Sigh. I wish there were a way I could get through spring quarter without having to take 4 classes and 4 exams. But there isn't. Oh well. I guess having to suffer so much this quarter will be a good way to remind myself of how much I'll be glad when school is over. Counting the days... I've had senioritis since before the year started, so this dislike for having to go to school is nothing new.

On a happier note, I watched 8 hours of Angel today. And cried when Buffy and Angel had to part and the day was turned back. I'm such a sap.


I'm in trouble. There's nothing on TV, so I popped in a DVD. The first DVD of Season 1 of Angel. Uh oh...

Thank goodness I don't really want to do my homework. :)

Friday, March 25, 2005


I'm going to try a new concept for my photoblog. I have so many pictures on my computer that I'm going to attempt to re-launch my photoblog as a daily blog instead of an event-by-event blog. It may not end up being daily, depending on my workload, but hopefully it can come close. If you have time, take a look. :)

(Some photos may end up appearing on both this blog and the photoblog, if I'm discussing events and whatnot. But that's okay, right?)

Re-launch in 3... 2... 1....

Small Annoyances

I don't think it's good neighborly behavior to have the bass going loudly on a subwoofer on a shared bedroom wall at 9 am on Friday. After all, the building recommends that you not even run the washing machine because it's on a shared wall until 10 in the morning. So if it's not an acceptable social norm to run the washing machine that early in the morning, how is it possibly acceptable to have your subwoofer going that early? In the bedroom? On a shared wall with someone else? Don't they know that some people in this building work from home? Inconsiderate jerk. (Even if the actual music isn't terrible when I listen through the wall; all I can hear without the eavesdropping technique is bass bass freaking bass.) This is why I put all my electronics on the shared wall between my two rooms. If it's loud, all it bothers is myself. Why don't more people understand this??

As long as we're talking about annoyances, I'm annoyed with Rice Krispies. On the cruise, I had peach yogurt with rice krispies for breakfast every day except one (when I skipped breakfast). I like the combination. So, upon arriving home, I tried to buy a box of Rice Krispies along with my peach yogurt (the usual breakfast at home was the yogurt sans the Krispies). But the only size box of Rice Krispies was the jumbo size for $5! There was no box smaller. That's annoying.

But on a happier note, Skippy the wonder dog on the Today Show is adorable. Yay for cute dogs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another Day in Paradise

It feels good to be home ... but part of me really wishes I were back on Paradise Island.

First glimpse of the beach. Crystal blue water, fine white sand... I was so excited and ready to bask in the sun.

After a few hours on the beach in the sun (mostly - there were some gray clouds that unfortunately made it into the picture), we packed up and headed over to Atlantis to check out the aquarium, the lagoon and the grounds.

Sunset over the harbor in Nassau as the Jewel of the Seas (Royal Caribbean - not our ship) sailed out.

Sigh. I miss the Bahamas.

Ratings Disaster

I think Alias might be in more trouble than usual tomorrow. Instead of going up against the half-hour American Idol results show like usual (which is boring and short), it's going up against a live one hour American Idol "do-over" show. Great.

Apparently, the bright people over at AI put up some incorrect phone numbers for some of the contestants, and they need to have a re-vote. This makes sense to me, since the incorrect numbers would have you voting for a contestant other than the one you intended to vote for, and would completely mess up vote totals. But why can't they just re-air the same show, explaining that, using the edited correct numbers and have a re-vote? Because Fox wants to add live content to continue their AI-delivered ratings dominance. Grr.

But honestly, how did they get the numbers wrong in the first place? The larger number, spelled out in letters (IDOLS-xx) is correct, but the small number below it which spells out the key numbers for IDOLS is wrong, using a different xx. It's so weird - why would you have done that in the first place, and why did no one catch it? I think the show tonight wasn't even live; it was taped a day earlier. Which begs the question again, how did no one catch the error?

A re-vote? A do-over show? Goodness, American Idol definitely knows how to make itself the constant subject of news.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I spent about 5 hours in the Atlanta airport today. The experience reminded me of why I've only taken nonstop flights (or long stopovers that are really 2 separate flights) for the past however-many years. Sitting at the airport with nothing to do is really not very fun.

So I walked all over C concourse as our flight kept getting delayed. The originally scheduled time was 2:45, but by the time we got off the flight from Jacksonville, the flight had already been delayed until 3:07. 2:45, 3:07, 2:50, 4:12, 4:41, 5:04. I think I got to my seat around 5:25. We got on the train home from the airport about 2.5 hours later.

While walking, I saw pouring rain, flights taking off into the low clouds, lots of fast food, lots of crowds of people crushing gates. I bought lots of food. We had Charley's Subs for lunch, and then I got a Frosty for a snack, and then before our flight finally left, I also got Popeye's for snack. I guess the post-vacation shape-up has been delayed until tomorrow.

I also saw smoking lounges. I thought most airports had gone completely non-smoking (at least, in the States), but I guess I was wrong. My first tip-off about these had been last week when we were waiting for our flight to Jacksonville and some girl was raving about how she had spent hours in the lounge and wished she could stay there. I felt like rolling my eyes.

If you know me, you probably know both that I can't stand and am allergic to smoke, which explains my strong aversion to being around cigarette smoke. I don't care so much that smoking lounges exist, so long as they don't end up polluting the regular air space and that I don't end up breathing in the stale smoke smell off some neighbor's clothes or breath (happened today... ugh). The only problem with smoking lounges would be that people smoke really close to the time they get on the plane, so the smell hasn't come off their clothes yet. But I guess I can deal with that. After all, the stale smoke smell from a polluting neighbor drifts into my apartment hallway all too often and it's impossible to keep my lungs healthy anyway.

Back to the smoking lounges. What's the point of having them if they have no doors? They're separate rooms and I suppose they have good ventilation systems, but there's no doors separating the smoking lounge from the gate areas! So what's the point? The smoke drifts out of the lounge and you can smell it a few gates away. Granted, it's not as bad as if they were allowed to smoke throughout the whole airport, but it's still not a smoke-free environment. I'm puzzled that they didn't put doors on the smoking lounges. Can you think of any possible reasons?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Atlantic Washout

Greetings from Atlantic Beach, Florida!

(I may have to re-update these photos when I return to Chicago after I do some editing in Picasa2, which I don't have on my old laptop.)

What a long day it has been! We left this morning before 7:30 am Central Time, but didn't get to our hotel room until after 7:30 pm Eastern Time. A cab driver who was a little bit forgetful, a pleasant El ride, a slightly delayed flight to Atlanta because of rain, and then a really delayed flight (about 2 hrs) to Jacksonville because of the weather. And then 1.5 hours in an airport shuttle van driving around the city to the beach, getting stuck in rush hour traffic, and as those of you who know me would expect, a terrible bout of nausea. Should have taken the Dramamine this morning between the turbulence in the air and the stop-and-go on the 202.

Since we drove around so much of Jacksonville, I can say that what I saw didn't seem all that exciting. Downtown reminds me of St. Louis except St. Louis had the Arch and seemed a little bit more exciting and nicer. They both have a river, highways, a "tourist spot" (Jacksonville Landing/St. Louis Union Station), hotel chains, not a lot of skyscrapers and not a whole lot of nice buildings outside of the very center (in the downtown area). Jax has a lot of highways generally, and it's really spread out. Not sure I'd come back to the city itself for tourism. No wonder people were surprised that they were hosting the Superbowl.

Anyway, we're staying at an inn on Atlantic Beach called the Sea Turtle Inn. It's a really cute inn and our room is fantastic. There's a lot of little shops and restaurants, and I'm really hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow morning so that we can walk along the beach and around the town. Of course, we would have gotten to do that had we arrived on time, but oh well, it happens. :)

I think the bathroom layout in our room is pretty:

And we got a really great room:

After we got settled, it was time for dinner. We decided on the Ragtime Tavern down the block and it was yummy!

For appetizer, we got the cajun crawfish dip:

Alvin got shrimp & linguine for his entree - it was perfect, not heavy at all, but so flavorful:

I got the blackened tuna salad, which was also quite yummy:

Key lime cheesecake:

And last but not least... despite the rain, the late arrival, the clouds, the not-so-hot temperature... I'm finally someplace where palm trees can grow. Someplace warm. Someplace not 35 degrees. Vacation.

I think this post is long enough to hold me over to whenever I can post next (unless I decide to post by email when I'm away...). How are you doing?


Almost done packing and then I'm going to sleep (for about 4 hours). I really hope we get up for the flight... maybe I should sleep sitting up...

I have a lot that I want to blog about, but no time (packing, sleeping, all that good stuff). I'll have to catch up sometime later.

Heading out to Jacksonville tomorrow. Hotel is supposed to have free wireless, which is good. Unfortunately, it's also supposed to be pouring, which is not so good. So that may mean I use the wireless for more than a quick update. But we shall see.

Spring break feels so good. Can I tell you how great it feels to just know that I can read a book for leisure? I don't think I've read a book for leisure since this past summer. It's been far too long.

Anyway, before I go, just a few quick thoughts on a very polarizing episode of Amazing Race (just read the TWoP forums, you'll see what I mean by polarizing). I thought Rob's strategy was great; the race really isn't about quitting, but when the choice is eat 4 lbs of meat and sit out 4 hours, taking the penalty as strategy isn't exactly something we should necessarily condemn. After all, these were the rules the producers came up with, and we shouldn't fault someone for following the rules, even if we think they should have finished such a horrific task. Anyhow, I still love Rob & Amber and they are my favorites along with Brian & Greg. I don't really hate anyone, which is a great thing, but it also means that some part of me is always sad when a team leaves.

That was more than a few quick thoughts.

Anyway. Tomorrow. Well, today. Flight. Soon. Atlanta. Jacksonville. Vacation. Relaxation. Break.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Upcoming Movies

This post is mostly for my own reference so that I remember what movies came out when I want to add them to my Amazon wish list after not getting to see them in the theater. ;-) There's a whole bunch of new trailers on Apple, so it's very exciting. But now that there's so many, I feel the need to compile all my lists together to have a comprehensive long list of upcoming movies. (Apple and IMDB conflict on some of the dates though, so they may not all be right.) As always, the bolded ones are the ones in which I currently have the most interest.

Any thoughts on the upcoming movies?

Movies out now: Robots, Hitch, Man of the House, Aviator, Because of Winn-Dixie (basically movies out now that don't have DVD release dates yet)

"Coming soon" (but no date): Smile; Rory O'Shea Was Here; A Scanner Darkly; The Year of the Yao

3/18: Ice Princess (I'm a sucker for teen movies); Melinda and Melinda

3/25: Miss Congeniality 2; Guess Who; D.E.B.S.

4/1: Sin City

4/8: Kung Fu Hustle; Winter Solstice; Unleashed

4/22: The Interpreter; A Lot Like Love

4/29: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; XXX: State of the Union

5/6: Kingdom of Heaven; Crash

5/13: Monster-in-Law; Kicking and Screaming

5/20: Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

5/27: Madagascar; Mindhunters (looks too scary for me though)

(I could bold everything after this point since I'm pretty interested in all of them, but I'll try to only bold the ones that I'm most interested in....)

6/10: Mr and Mrs Smith

6/17: Batman Begins

7/1: War of the Worlds; Roll Bounce

7/8: Fantastic Four; Bewitched

7/15: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

7/22: The Wedding Crashers

7/29: Stealth; The Brothers Grimm (haven't seen a trailer though)

8/5: 3001 (haven't seen a trailer though)

9/23: Pink Panther

10/7: Wallace and Gromit

10/28: Legend of Zorro (haven't seen a trailer)

11/4: Chicken Little

11/18: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

11/23: Zathura (looks like Jumanji in space from the trailer)

Sometime in Dec: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

6/9/06: Cars

Sunday, March 13, 2005


My eye won't stop twitching! I think my body is as ready as my mind for this exam to be over.

Once it's done, I can do essential things like trip planning and packing lists and TV and working out. Oh, how delightful it will be!

But first... this dreadful securities exam. If I thought real estate was bad, this is going to be so much worse. Wish me luck... I'll need all that I can get!

Progress III

Oh no, I'm starting to get sleepy. I thought my nap would hold me over until I was done with the casebook (still have the supplements, class notes, old exams, but will not do those tonight, I need sleep), but apparently, it has not.

485/581. I can do this!

Progress II

Page 272. I was about to say that I was looking forward to the time after tomorrow's exam when I will no longer be required to just sit on my ass for long periods of time stuck in one spot. (I can't very well take my laptop on the elliptical machine...) But then it occurred to me that after the exam, I will also be doing a lot of sitting in one spot. Just voluntarily, and not because I'm stuck there because of exam studying.

I'll be driving home in the car.
I'll be going somewhere for dinner.
I might go to a movie.

Sit sit sit. At least if I decide to watch TV, I can jog or do exercise-like actions while watching TV. My butt is quite upset with these couch-sitting conditions. I feel like a lump.


241/581 at 12:35 am and still the course packets to go. 24 hours from now, I'll be happy and maybe even asleep! :)

Entertainment Tonight's "Hollywood's Biggest Breakups" was depressing. I was losing it after 15 minutes and had to change the channel because of the aggregate sadness it was producing. Ick. The Mummy was much better.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Wow. Real estate exam was painful. Although some people were loudly talking about how "easy" one of the questions was after the exam was over... so I guess they would not agree. Since the question they were talking about was the one that I thought was the hardest.

Added to that, the profs said they would put suggested time allocations next to each question and they didn't. (It was in the exam instructions.) Which raises the question, are the questions worth the same amount each? I took the exam on the assumption that they were, but I could easily imagine that the first question was worth the most (the one I thought was the hardest but other people seemed to think was easy). Oh well. I usually don't discuss exams after they're over and just let it go. I'm not dwelling on it... I'm just wondering if perhaps this lack of time allocations is something I should ask them, since we didn't really know how much each question was relatively worth. Seems like a rather large issue. If they're not all worth the same, some of us screwed ourselves by working under the assumption that they were. Sigh. Maybe I'll email them. What do you think?

One more exam to go before freedom. Sunday night can't come fast enough. I need to stop eating potstickers!


Oww, my knee hurts.

I had a heck of a time getting up this morning. Although I shouldn't complain - most of the 3L class is probably headed down to school for an exam this morning. Hmm. I didn't think of that before. I hope I get a parking spot in the lot!

And hopefully not too far away. After all, it's 9 degrees outside with the wind chill. Sigh.

And to think I was only worried about the drive home from school and getting a parking space in the garage. With the flower show at Navy Pier (do I have to miss it again this year?), Robots playing at the movie theater down the block, the dyeing of the river, the closing of Columbus Drive for the St. Patrick's Day parade, said parade starting right after the exam (which clearly, I also must miss again...), I think I have a right to be concerned that it might take an hour to get home.

But I will block all thoughts of traffic from my head and instead daydream about mezzanine financing, due diligence and prorations. With a side order of like-kind exchanges, free and clear cash flow and title insurance. Wheee. (Yes, that was a blatant rip-off of one of SG-1's best lines last night, even though I didn't intend to do that before I wrote it. If you're wondering, it was Daniel Jackson: "I'd like the truth, with a side order of clarity.")

Maybe I'll blog again around 1 or 2 after this real estate exam kicks my butt. I looked at the old exams around 1 am last night... er, this morning... and what a shocker that was. *shudder* Wish me luck!

Friday, March 11, 2005


My paranoia has me checking every hour to see if the police have caught that shooting suspect in Atlanta. (Although he's probably not in Atlanta anymore...) How brazen is it to shoot 3 people in the middle of the courtroom at the start of your trial?! Sick and depraved too. If I were one of those jurors, I think I'd be petrified of getting called for jury duty ever again. Can you be excused for psychological trauma?

Between the shooting of the judge's family in Chicago and now this... *shudder* it's kind of frightening! I just really hope they find this guy. And thank goodness that reporter is alive and wasn't forced to get into the trunk. Small miracles.

Considering I'm headed southeast in the middle of next week, I really hope they catch this guy! Although, I suppose, by the middle of next week, if he's not caught, he could have theoretically driven to California. Ick. Scary. Why do people do this?

Reading III

Is it bad that I totally love the Diet Coke Sparkle commercial? I think I just love the phrase, "starry eyed surprise." And I love sparkles. Both generally and when Jay McCarroll says it.

12 more pages of mutual funds and then I can think about sleeping. Or I can keep watching the giant eel battle on Iron Chef.

Reading II

Hmm. The book has a typo (not uncommon). Here's the snippet: "legislative history clearly and unequivocally indicates that Congress enacted s. 36(b) because it deter mined that existing remedies..." and blah blah blah.

It's bad to insert a space in the middle of one word where it doesn't belong. Sleepy students reading the casebook will totally get the wrong idea and then start looking for book errors instead of comprehending material.


Mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends mutual funds are my friends ... yeah, you get the picture.

Regulation of fund activities... aren't you so jealous of these interesting topics?

Anyway, I think it's been harder this season on the Apprentice to narrow it down to the final 4. I usually pick 5 and then hope the final 4 come from those 5. Last season, I picked Kevin, Kelly, Andy, Jen and Sandy. (Not bad. Ha.) This season... I think I'm going to pick Kendra, Erin, Tana, Bren and Alex. My opinion may change if someone else turns out to be a sexist jerk. (I'm looking at you, John.)

And my guess is that Trump is going to hire a woman. Personally, if the final 4 come from my 5, I think that's good, but I have a feeling that even if he didn't want to, he would because he needs to do the PC thing. Two white male winners in 2 seasons means that most likely (since Craig's the only minority left and he's no Kevin or Kwame), it's going to be a woman. So be it.

Off Budget

I was supposed to study for securities today.


What did I do instead?

Went to a doctor's appointment, had a blood test, ate lunch, knocked out after said blood test, watched Charmed, read a couple of cases (ooh, I guess that's work!), yoga, dinner, watched Apprentice, and then spent 3 hours trying to work on the planning for next week's trip.

Which I should have done a long time ago! It seems like nothing is going right. Priceline is not being my friend today... both with hotels and rental cars, and now the whole thing seems like it's going to cost a lot more than what we had originally budgeted. Alas. I should have planned a heck of a lot better than I did. But why is everyone else getting all these deals on Priceline for the things I'm bidding for, yet I can't? I don't understand. Am I blacklisted?

So frustrating.

So frustrating that I want to tear my hair out and have resorted to premium malt beverages.

Maybe investment advisers will take my mind off the utter failure of my pseudo-travel agent career. What happened to the magic?!?


I need to read these cases (note I said read, not study) because I am utterly screwed for the exam based on my current status. SEC v. Park, here I come.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Whoa! I went into Apple Trailers for the first time in a week or so, and tons of new trailers! All of a sudden too.... there haven't been that many new ones in weeks.

So what looks good out there? (As usual the ones I really want to see are in bold.)

Out now (or supposed to be): In My Country (could be good)

Coming soon (but no date listed): Rory O'Shea Was Here (looks interesting), A Scanner Darkly (I have no idea what it's about), The Year of the Yao (yay Yao Ming!)

3/11: Robots

4/8: Unleashed (Jet Li)

4/22: A Lot Like Love (I'm a sucker for romantic comedies but this looks a little too much like the Serendipity breaking up each other's engagements thing)

5/6: Crash (intriguing, and I love the line that goes something like: "I think we miss that touch so much that we crash into each other just to feel something"), Kingdom of Heaven

6/3: Lords of Dogtown (mostly just to watch the skateboarding)

6/10: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

7/29: Stealth (yay action movies ... and it might actually have a social commentary thing going too)

As well as any others that I've listed before. :) The Matrix is on TV right now... it's my exam detox break. ;-)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I am completely incapable of doing work.

And this isn't even about the Contender anymore. I was able to stop that obsession after I wrote that post, by turning on the TV.

I'm just so unfocused and distracted. I can't write more than 2 sentences without getting up to do something else. Part of me thinks I should just let the lack of focus take its course to decrease the burnout effect, since I have to do a take home exam at home tomorrow and really can't afford to be burnt out and distracted.

I wonder if part of the distraction is knowing that I have 8 hours to write 3000 words. It's still not easy, but it doesn't have the time pressure of a regular 3 hour exam. But that also means that I never get the adrenaline rush that seems to make my mind clearer and better-working. Oh well.

I guess I'll just do what I can. Like work productively from 10 pm to 1 am or something. Right now, it's time for American Idol.


Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous.

Am I working? No.

Why not? Because I am on a neverending quest to find out the theme song of the Contender!!

I've taken to reloading the NBC website over and over again so that I can hear the song. I am going out of my mind. I've googled it and some people think it's from Crimson Tide, and general consensus is that it's something Hans Zimmer, but what is it? In my search for the song, I have now listened to a lot of Hans Zimmer songs, added the Rock score to my Amazon wish list (love the movie, love the music) and debated with myself whether to buy the song from Crimson Tide just to find out.

The music was a big draw for me to watch the show. Can you believe that? I watched the show because of promo music? It sounds lame, but the music is important. It's sort of like how I get giddy hearing the Amazing Race theme. And how the Apprentice DVDs just aren't the same without the theme song, although that's more "song" than "theme."

Well it was the promo music + Mark Burnett. And I'm glad I watched it, but I need the song!

Help! Does anyone know anything about the music to Crimson Tide? Or even better - what the theme song is to the Contender?!?


The theme song from the Contender is stuck in my head. It's a great melody. It makes me think of ideas like "glory" and "triumph." Unfortunately, it also makes me want the song and I don't know how to get it, or even its name. I must have seen 30 promos using the song, and then I watched the last 2/3 of the show last night so I know the song relatively well. It's sort of like a patriotic movie anthem that you'd hear when our fighters go up for the last battle with the aliens. (Sorry, I love Independence Day.) You know, the type of theme that makes me cry? (See also: battle with the aliens on Independence Day.)

The Contender was actually pretty good. Much better than I thought it would be, and about 100 times better than Fox's rip-off, The Next Great Champ that came out in the fall. No wonder NBC was so pissed and wanted to distance this show from NGC (which didn't even get to finish its run on Fox). This show has a point, it has team rivalries, it makes the boxing interesting, it has good backstories, and it's got just the right amount of emotion. And I don't even like boxing!

The only thing that I think NBC is being dumb about is that I don't even know what the "regular" night of the Contender is. It aired last night (Monday), the second episode is Thursday after the Apprentice and then the third episode is Sunday night. What's the real night? I'm a TV addict and I should know these things, but I am clueless! I'm going to watch it, because luckily, they picked time slots where I can (I can forego Without a Trace and the Starlet, or tape them or something). But some scheduling regularity would go a long way. If the ratings weren't stellar for the opening, you might lose viewers along the way if they don't even know when the show is on.

Tonight will be great TV! Yes, I have an exam tomorrow, but do you really think that's going to stop me from watching TV? (Please, I only did that in college - tape a show while actually in the room because I was doing work. This is law school. I need my TV.) Tonight: American Idol girls semifinals (ugh, the guys are so much better), Amazing Race (WOOHOO!) and SVU with Martin Short guest starring. It's going to be fun. :)

Monday, March 07, 2005


It's been said that a watched pot never boils.

Oh, how true.

So, I checked my academic history online and was astonished when I saw that the class for which I wrote that huge paper last month had a grade. But it wasn't a number grade - it was a W! For withdrawn!

My heart rate raced, my head started to spin, I started to panic. This can't be happening. I took the class. I poured hours of my life into that paper. I need the credits to graduate. How can this be happening?

So I emailed about it. And then I waited. And waited.

And as I waited, I kept refreshing my email. Probably once every 2 seconds.


I couldn't take it anymore. How could I concentrate on real estate when I had to think about the fact that I might not graduate?

It's not really that melodramatic. If the W stayed, I wouldn't have enough credits to graduate. Plenty to be concerned about!

Since my head was still spinning and my pulse was still sky high, I told myself that I couldn't sit in front of the computer any longer or I'd make myself crazy. I turned on the TV.

Then I stepped back to the computer. Email response had arrived. It seems that the crisis will hopefully be averted.

It didn't really take that long for a response. Less than 20 minutes. Which is great for response time to problems - don't you wish you could have response time like that for all problems? But in my panic, it felt like an eternity.

I'll be checking daily to see if this gets cleared up. After all, it's worth just as much as any exam I'm taking this quarter.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


It's so hard to study for exams when you really don't care a whole lot. I want to pass, I want to do the best that I can, but... I'm so bored! It's been the same 3 topics all quarter, and while one interests me, the other two I've had quite enough.

Watching the Project Runway marathon on Bravo again, I am reminded of just how much I can't stand Wendy Pepper. I believe Jay when he says that Wendy just turned the attitude on for the cameras. But to me, that doesn't make her any better - in a sense, it's worse. It means the attitude is laying under the surface and she wants herself to be portrayed like a total bitch. Ugh, she makes me cringe.

What do people think about this A&E show Intervention? I don't like their ads. "Welcome to the ledge"? Way to make light of a really sensitive subject. I know that reality shows go into people's personal lives, but to me, an intervention crosses the line. This isn't entertainment. If you want to make a documentary-type show about intervention, fine... but don't advertise it with "Welcome to the ledge."

Alright, enough ranting. Back to the securities industry. Wheeeeee.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Jack Jack

Ever notice how so many male protagonists on TV shows (especially action/drama shows) are named Jack and are hero types?

Jack Bauer (24)
Jack Bristow (Alias)
Jack McCoy (Law and Order)
Jack Malone (Without a Trace)
Jack Shepherd (Lost)
Jack O'Neill (Stargate SG-1)

That's a lot of guys named Jack. And these are just shows I actively watch! And I've left out the non-"hero" types like the teenage Jack McAllister on "Jack and Bobby."

Did I miss anyone?


Thursday nights used to be must-see TV. I think that now, every night except for Saturdays has more must-see TV than Thursdays. The contrast between Wednesday night's programming and Thursday night's programming is especially stark.

Yesterday I watched Lost, Alias and Law & Order. Lost was fantastic. It had Hurley's back story, and in my opinion, was one of the best episodes this whole season. It gave me the same creepy vibe from those numbers that I haven't gotten since the French woman's original transmission in the second half of the pilot. It raised so many more questions. It showed more connections between the characters. It made you wonder why the plane crashed. It showed you just how in tune JJ and the writers are with the audience's reaction to the show - they even talked about how no one was looking for the monster! (Which could be a "pissed off giraffe"... hehe.) All in all, I give this one a great score. A wonderful hour of TV.

Followed up by Alias. (I really can't wait until Eyes takes the post-Alias spot at the end of March. I hope it's good.) While it wasn't as good as last week's (which was the return of the cliffhanger! - although it was ruined by the stupid ABC promo), it still had lots of good action. And Sark. And we got to see that Lauren Reed is really really dead. Although I swear, I was watching just waiting for her eyes to open. Thank goodness they didn't. I'm quite intrigued by the Jack-Arvin "pact" and how it's going to fall apart. My Alias is back. :)

Law & Order last night was also pretty good. There's really not much you can say about the original L&O... it just does what it does. And Antonio Vega (OLTL) plays one terrible narcissistic TV chef.

Which brings me to today.

I missed most of Survivor because of class, but what I did see was okay. But the same tribe is back at tribal council again, so I can only imagine what that will mean for the merge if they keep losing. Could zap all the energy out of the season that has come back after the boring Vanuatu.

But the Apprentice? Aiyayi. The franchise is seriously never going to recover its Season 1 high quality. The book smarts v. street smarts gimmick was the part that irked me (a lot) originally, but the season seemed a little more tolerable once they let up with the relentless reminders that it was college grads v. "high schoolers." (Although I do still yell at the TV screen every time Trump tells Magna they lost to high schoolers. It's not like the people on Net Worth are in high school or of high school competence!)

Tonight was probably the worst it's been. Audrey was project manager and did a pretty horrible job, and I'd say that based on the performance, I don't really have much of a problem with Trump firing her. But so much else of what happened was atrocious. John, who was PM during the 1st task and who I liked up until tonight, decided to tell Audrey at the beginning of the episode that she would be the most successful of all of them anyway because she was "good looking and a sweetheart." In my opinion, she was absolutely right to be insulted by that, as it would discount her having any sort of skills or brains whatsoever. And his tone throughout the whole episode was just so condescending and patronizing that it was making me sick. He only respects people he likes, and if he doesn't like the PM, he's pretty insubordinate. He refused for a long time to put on the clown costume, but then went on and on about how he worked hard for promotions. Whatever. In the beginning of the season, I was hoping he'd last a while. But his ego has knocked him way way down on my list. Yuck.

And then - after the NotGeorge even called John out about the "22 year old girl" comments to Trump - Trump issued his own relatively sexist remarks to Audrey. While firing her, he told her she was beautiful but that sometimes beauty and a good personality aren't enough. (What is this? Miss Universe? Granted, Audrey went on and on in a discussion about 'beauty' earlier in the episode, but whatever. That's irrelevant when it comes to the comments in the boardroom.) After firing her, he made a comment like, "At least they can't say I just picked the most attractive one." My goodness. What a trainwreck this show is shaping up to me. Left me feeling pretty disgusted.

Onto Trial by Jury, the newest L&O. I liked it. I liked that it wasn't a smooth linear progression like the normal L&O. I liked the little elements of all the parts of the justice system, I liked the cynicism about actual justice being done and I liked how it felt more "real" sometimes. (And this doesn't discount my Thursday not being a must-see night, as TBJ's real night is Fridays.) That being said, watching TBJ was hard. It was sad that the first time I caught a glimpse of Lennie Briscoe, I immediately thought about how much sicker and thinner he looked. His first line, his voice sounded a little like it was cracking. For someone who literally watches hours of classic L&O on TNT a week, the physical change was glaringly obvious. And really sad.

I'm really hoping Dick Wolf does a tribute to Jerry throughout the episodes. He was a mainstay for the franchise and I wouldn't think a storyline about it showing the emotional response would be over-the-top or inappropriate at all. So, while the episode today was pretty good, it was hard watching Jerry and knowing that this was one of the last 2 episodes of L&O he ever taped. It will be even harder tomorrow when TBJ airs a new episode in its regular time slot. (It's his last one. I might cry.) At least CBS seemed to have the common sense to know it will be a Friday night ratings draw, and moved Numb3rs one hour earlier.

Thursday night TV has really declined. Sure, part of it is because Friends is gone but I never really watched it. I guess if I were a CSI fan, I might think differently. But consider what Thursday has to offer (The OC - not as good as S1; Survivor - not bad but another tropical island; Apprentice - enough said; CSI - if you like it; Without a Trace - good), and compare some offerings on the other nights.

Sundays - Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, Law & Order CI, Crossing Jordan, Iron Chef America, Cold Case, Simpsons.
Mondays - 24, Medium, CSI Miami, American Idol.
Tuesdays - American Idol, Amazing Race, Law and Order SVU.
Wednesdays - Lost, Alias, Wife Swap, Law and Order, West Wing, CSI NY, American Idol (and until last week Project Runway).
Fridays - Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Numb3rs, Trial by Jury.

Sure, there's lots of watchable shows on Thursday nights. I guess it's not so bad. But between how good TV was last night (JJ night rocks!) and how much Apprentice sucked, I guess I just felt really strongly that TV tonight just wasn't as good in terms of quality. *shrug* I think Wednesday is the new must-see TV.

At least tomorrow there's Numb3rs. It's crazy how much I like that show. The ensemble is so cute. :) And the concept is nice. And since I really don't know much about math... I'll never know if they're making a mistake. ;-)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Not Six

Is it wrong that I was walking around basking in the sunshine in 30 degree weather as if it were 60 degrees? It just felt so good to be outside, to be in the sun ... and it felt warm! But it also felt bizarre.

There is one more class left to the quarter and then all that's left is lots and lots of studying for exams. However, this one class is easily going to be at least 3 hours. Fun fun fun. Another day of getting home after dark. I've found that I lose motivation to do work when the sun goes down. Normally, this would not be such a huge problem, except that this quarter every day I went to class, I came home after dark.

That will not happen next quarter. Not just because the sun will set later, but because I refuse to sit in this toxic school building (toxic in terms of vibe, not actual chemicals or pollutants I don't think) until 6 every day next quarter. One day a week, I can cope with, but at least I'll be home to enjoy daylight every other day of the week. Not as early as I want to be (damn this uncooperative schedule), but not 6.

Hopefully by the time Trial by Jury comes on the air tonight, I'll be home, relaxed and maybe working. At the very least, I hope the first of those three is true.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

TAR 7.1

That episode was llama-rific! Sorry. I just really like llamas. I know they spit and all, but since I was younger, I've always been fascinated by llamas. They, like the Amazing Race, make me giddy.

The Amazing Race returned tonight for its 7th time around the world and it was spectacular. For once, I actually like most of the teams! I don't really actively even hate anyone. What a breath of fresh air to not have a Jonathan & Victoria on the show.

The first leg of the race took them from Long Beach, CA to Lima, Peru. And it was lots of fun. Llamas, ziplines and beautiful mountain scenery - can't beat it. The pit stop was in Cuzco. I heard Cuzco and nearly melted. I did a project in intermediate school on Peru. Fascinating place.

Onto the teams. When I watched the preshow videos, I wrote a post ranking the teams by how much I liked them. To refresh your memory:

Really Like: Ron & Kelly, Susan & Patrick, Rob & Amber, Lynn & Alex, Ryan & Chuck
Sort of Like/Meh: Meredith & Gretchen, Uchenna & Joyce, Debbie & Bianca, Brian & Greg
Don't Really Like: Megan & Heidi, Ray & Deana

Post-Episode One
Now that I've actually gotten to see the teams in action, here's my new rankings. Again, they're separated by tiers from the most-liked to the least.

Lynn & Alex
Rob & Amber
Ryan & Chuck
Brian & Greg

Susan & Patrick
Debbie & Bianca

Meredith & Gretchen
Ron & Kelly

Uchenna & Joyce
Megan & Heidi
Ray & Deana

It's a shame Ryan & Chuck had to go home. I really liked them! They were so much fun. They're pretty heavy guys so they helped their rickshaw operator out by helping to pull the rickshaw. They seem like genuinely nice guys. They make jokes about testing out the load on the zip line. It was so sad that they lost by only a few seconds. And to think that I was rooting for them to pull it out over the POW + beauty queen, which had been my most pre-liked team. I'm really sad that these guys are gone. I even started tearing up as they turned at the pit stop and gave one last longing gaze toward the mat. *sob*

Next week it's off to... ____! I actually am not spoiled as to the location (I knew about Lima). The best reality show is back on TV! (Take that, Donald Trump!) Yay TAR!