Monday, March 30, 2009

Steam Clean

I always say I watch the home shopping channels but don't ever want to buy anything.

But this Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaning Tool looks amazing. I really want one of these! I keep saying I'm not going to buy anything, but I really want to call in for this, it looks that amazing!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Facial Recognition

QVC is selling these Dell laptops that look like the one I'm typing on, except they use facial recognition software to log you on. As we know from shows like Burn Notice, facial recognition software isn't as foolproof as QVC is trying to make it sound, but this is kind of fascinating. Although what happens if you change your appearance? What if you lose a lot of weight and your face gets thinner? Will the computer still recognize you? Will it keep you from logging on? Does it only have facial recognition log-in or does it still allow you to log in normally? If you can still log in normally, all their talk about keeping people out and not being able to figure out passwords is useless.

I am still on tiny type project. I am at least 2 hours behind schedule. I am disappointed in my slow progress. At least I ate a pizza for lunch.


Thank you, ALI-ABA, for telling me that it is my "Lasy Chance" to save 30% on your products.


Watching them play with the professional KitchenAid stand mixer on QVC makes me want to bake cookies.

(Wow, the caller has TWO of them! Is she a professional baker? She has 5 swap-out bowls, extra beaters and whisks. Hmm.)

In work news, I barely made it 10 minutes after my last post before my eyes closed. I'm done with the tiny type document, now just to edit our analysis! (And then on to the next project...)



Up to page 101 but it's 5:17 am.

Do I go to sleep and finish in the morning? Do I finish the hand markup tonight and just worry about finishing the project tomorrow? Hmm.


I think the font size in the tiny type document just got smaller. It either went from 10 pt to 9 pt or 10 pt to 8 pt, can't really tell at this point. Sigh.

I was supposed to be asleep by 2. It is now almost 4. This is NOT GOOD for tomorrow (well, I guess, later today). I needed to get sleep to get everything accomplished that I had to do tomorrow. Sigh.

I guess it's good that I'm on page 32 of the tiny type document? (Of 129... hmm.)

And I do not want the Bombay chests they are trying to push on QVC right now.

South Beach

Instead of continuing my Life on Mars marathon (there's always tomorrow), I am playing Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. She's in South Beach. I'm jealous. I would like to be on vacation in South Beach. I'm just daydreaming now, about blue pools, and nice beaches, and warm weather, and swaying palm trees. Instead, I'm on page 20 of the tiny type document. Why is it taking me so long? Why am I so slow? How do people get these awesome jobs where they get paid to travel and have fun? How is that fair to the rest of us?


I haven't blogged in awhile.

Just haven't had the energy, or the time, or, I suppose, the things to talk about. It's just been so BUSY, between work, wedding planning, and just, life, I suppose. I don't have energy for much these days.

But right now, I'm facing a 129 page document (I'm on page 11... whee... yes, working all weekend), and am wondering if this would be a good way to keep me accountable and moving on this document as quickly as possible.

In the alternative, I could watch a seventh hour of Life on Mars for today...

Monday, March 02, 2009


I went to Cafe Europa for lunch a lot during my first year or so at work. It was really convenient, since it was in the same building. As so often happens when you eat something almost every day, you get tired of it and once you get out to go for other options, you try not to go back too often. Now, it's my "bad weather" or "I only have 5 minutes to grab something" lunch. I do like the adobo chicken sandwich though (pictured). It's probably the half-sandwich I get in the combo over 90% of the time. And although the sandwiches may be getting boring for me... they do photograph pretty well!

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