Saturday, November 07, 2009

Special Agents

I had a really intense, complicated (and long!) dream last night. We were special agents investigating people who we thought were terrorists with some new modern technology. We were constantly following the wrong people and getting wrong leads, and being lead on a wild goose chase, in and out of buildings. (At one point, we also tried going to Burger King, which was supposed to be on one of the main corners of Times Square, and a lot of the tall buildings were just empty construction sites.) There were lots of empty plots, tips that they were hiding bombs in Christmas ornaments or large parade adornments, and other strange things. It turns out the person had some vendetta against someone, and was out for revenge not just for destruction but were willing to take everyone down with them. This dream was so bizarre because for once, it didn't jump around or replay the same scenes with different endings. Instead, it was like watching a movie for the entire time I was asleep! Crazy.

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