Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I broke my mask!

Ok, that's a little melodramatic, but it's kind of true.

From the beginning...

A few years ago in Hong Kong, we were shopping when I came across a store in the mall called The Face Shop. I don't know much about the store, but I think it's originally from Korea based on the product labels. All I know is that I had a lot of fun in there trying to find products to buy, because I wanted everything. It was like going to Sasa (which we did a lot) but more natural (?) products.

So I ended up getting some single masks that I have to find in my apartment and also this large tube called "Adlay Maskpack." I love the tube, but a few months ago (yes, I'm still using it), I realized that somehow the part where it squirts out had cracked so when I'm squeezing out some of the mask to put on, it also comes out the side. Oh well, so I lose some each time.

Then tonight, I was closing the tube up and turned the lid tight to make sure it wouldn't open and I heard this cracking noise. What could it be?

I turn the cap toward me and am in shock. The little squirty part of the tube has cracked through the top of the lid!

(I am not that strong. Seriously.)

So strange and not what I was expecting. My poor mask tube.

Now I'm on their website and trying to see if they have stores in the US. It appears that they do and that they have one in Flushing! And Palisades Park! If this is the same chain as the one I went to in HK... I totally want to go!

I wonder if you can order online...

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