Monday, August 13, 2007


I should sleep (since I'm still a bit jet lagged - not sure why or how), but instead a few thoughts:

1. We went out for sushi on Friday night, and when I added up the bill, the subtotal included 55 cents, the tip had 0 cents, and my total had 0 cents. Right.

2. Still no second postcard from Seattle. But we got the postcard from Victoria. There was this pretty orca made with mosaic-type tiles on the waterfront in Victoria. Maybe I'll post a picture soon.

3. I try to read a little bit each night before sleeping. Sometimes it's a book, although, since I only read a page or two a night (except for Harry Potter), the book can seem too slow and I get bored (which may not be the book's fault and may be more of a reflection on how exhausted I am each night and how little I read as a result). Right now, I'm reading a Zoogoer magazine, and for 4 nights last week, I read about acorns. I never thought I would read an entire piece about acorns, but it was pretty interesting. Except for the large photo of the tick. I didn't want to see that close up. Now I'm reading about savanna elephants.

4. From the article about acorns: Acorns come from oak trees. The white-footed deermouse is where a large portion of tick larvae become infected with the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Poor deer. Blamed for it all, and all they do is transport the ticks around.

5. The Travel Channel has been showing a lot of Alaska programming this summer. I think a lot of the episodes are just repeated over and over, but it's interesting watching it now that I've actually seen otters up close and been to Mendenhall Glacier and can really appreciate how great it is.

6. I would like to order a Starburst case of the limited edition retro flavors, but cannot seem to find one. The stores aren't carrying them as much anymore, and they were so good. The flavors were mango, lime, disco berry (my favorite) and (water)melon. Discovered disco berry on the way to DC in the middle of a bag of original flavor Starbursts.

7. Work bans access to any form of internet music/radio. I'm not sure how much harm it could really cause, and I think my productivity actually increases with music as background as opposed to the saga of some people's lives, which is what I get if my door is open. I guess I should bring my old iPod or something.

8. I am making really slow progress on my ballpark visiting. I have only added one ballpark (and been to one game) this summer. Safeco is really nice. And so many food choices spread around, unlike some of the other ballparks around here where it's the same food in many locations. And they have garlic fries. (I had been wondering why, when we sat down, all I could smell was garlic...)

9. I need to put up a big reminder sign so that I don't forget to have my car inspected this month.

10. I can't wait for new episodes of Brothers and Sisters. I was watching a rerun tonight and I love this show. (Thank goodness the summer brings new episodes of Psych, which I watch like 3 times each). Then again, I should probably catch up on the rest of last season's episodes of Heroes before the new season starts...

Almost 2 am, must sleep and try to lessen this jet lag.

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