Friday, March 28, 2008

Odds and Ends

1. I can't believe Knut has become a "publicity addicted psycho" (in the words of his keeper). Little Knut was so adorable. Polar bears are not as cute when they get huge. Not like little Knut. But psychotic sounds bad. How do you pronounce Knut? MSNBC pronounced it ka-noot.

2. Yay America's Best Dance Crew! Jabbawockeez! Yay!

3. Allergy season is starting early this year. It sucks. Especially when it's combined with post-plane sickness.

4. I want to go back to Disney World.

5. I have gone from not watching or listening or reading any political news last year (because I would get so frustrated and wanted to hurl things at W on my tv) to becoming a complete addict.

6. I am fine with the results of this week's American Idol. Michael Johns was great but seemed a little too satisfied with himself after the performance. David Cook was great but I tune out Ryan so I didn't realize it wasn't his own arrangement. "Hollywood's Not America" is on music choice channel right now. I like listening to the goodbye songs from AI and SYTYCD. However, I'm not very into Ruben's goodbye song so I'm a bit disappointed (and can't wait to see what SYTYCD finds this year!).

7. I was on the phone with my mom and (before she let slip spoilers about Lost) I asked if she was planning to watch tonight's Eli Stone. Mid-question, I looked up at the wall next to me covered in ads, and what was there? Posters for George Michael's new album.

8. I would like to have a nice hot stone massage, and then I would like to leave the spa and exit onto a Caribbean beach. I'll keep dreaming.

9. There are these little bugs that come up through the heating system into my office. I don't think it's me because I did not have this problem on the other side of the building in my old office, and maintenance says I'm not the only one. Apparently they eat some poisonous glue and they travel up to the office instead of dying like they should. And there are all these carcasses on my heater/windowsill. Sometimes they make it to the desk though, and it's really disgusting (after I flip out). Sigh.

10. I need to do spring cleaning, but the trouble is finding a weekend to do it! I can't believe it's spring already. Time is going way too quickly.

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