Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yesterday it was in the 70s, so we went for a nice walk through the park. It was so exciting to be outside in the warm weather (since it's supposed to be cooler again starting today) but I think it's had an adverse effect on my allergies. I have been taking my allergy medicine regularly and had some in my system yesterday when I was outside, but this morning I am all stuffed up and it feels like allergies. There was so much pollen outside yesterday and we were getting pelted by all the tree blossoms blowing around, so it was probably pollen overload despite the medicines. Probably didn't help that I think the blossoming trees are really pretty, so went to go take a lot of pictures of them. I think I should go wipe down my camera before I forget. Ugh, I want to be able to breathe!

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