Sunday, March 29, 2009

Facial Recognition

QVC is selling these Dell laptops that look like the one I'm typing on, except they use facial recognition software to log you on. As we know from shows like Burn Notice, facial recognition software isn't as foolproof as QVC is trying to make it sound, but this is kind of fascinating. Although what happens if you change your appearance? What if you lose a lot of weight and your face gets thinner? Will the computer still recognize you? Will it keep you from logging on? Does it only have facial recognition log-in or does it still allow you to log in normally? If you can still log in normally, all their talk about keeping people out and not being able to figure out passwords is useless.

I am still on tiny type project. I am at least 2 hours behind schedule. I am disappointed in my slow progress. At least I ate a pizza for lunch.

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