Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week in Review

This week, I:

- walked to Rockefeller Center to see the picket line on the first day of the writers' strike. Didn't stay long enough to see if I recognized anyone because I was hungry and cold, so I went to Wendys.

- almost threw up on 42nd Street as I ran to the subway station. I was walking really quickly and trying to get to the station as quickly as possible because I was late. I was looking around for a clock instead of at my feet. Luckily at the last second I saw that I was about to step on a dead pigeon and was able to catch myself, lift my leg back up and swerve. It was pretty recent since the blood was very red and fresh as it leaked across the sidewalk. Ugh.

- had a good dinner with Alvin at Spice Fusion on 8th Ave. It wasn't very crowded but the food was so, so much better than this place we went to on 9th Ave for a buffet, so I would really like it to stick around longer. The chickpea dish was excellent.

- didn't get much sleep and felt like I was going to collapse from exhaustion. Today I drank Fruit2o energy water but it made no difference and I kept getting more tired throughout the day. Clearly caffeinated drinks don't have the desired effect on me.

- had to start my "winter" routine of wearing comfy warm clothes to the office and changing when I get there.

- was really happy about the Country Music Awards being on ABC because it meant that I didn't have to tape the entire ABC lineup (and it's my favorite TV night of the week). However, despite having 3 hours less to tape this week, I still was not able to tape or watch: Big Shots, Without a Trace, Moonlight or Women's Murder Club. And I'm missing Brothers & Sisters from a few weeks ago as well as some other serials here and there. Serious DVR overload issues and too little time.

- had a lot of meetings.

- played a lot of Scrabulous.

- had to say goodbye to Mei Sheng, one of my favorite pandas, as he left from the San Diego Zoo for China. So sad that we can't just tune in to the webcam to catch up with Buddy.

- contemplated why Britney even wants custody if she's just going to shop for chandeliers and leave them in the car.

- watched the tree outside the window develop vibrant golden leaves and then watched them get dull. It's that time of year again.

- cheered for the donkeys on Amazing Race and thought about how I want to go to Ireland.

- found myself addicted to both the US and UK version of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. (It's in a hard time slot for the US version since I watch Gossip Girl and Private Practice).

- was sad that the numbers are still bad for Journeyman when it's really getting good.

- tried to clean my office but all the papers I sorted and got rid of were replaced by more new papers. Oh well.

- intended to post many, many times but didn't get around to it until now (when I should be sleeping). Good night!

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