Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday 2007

Another Thanksgiving, another Black Friday gone. We didn't go shopping on Thanksgiving itself (it's for food & family!) but our annual Friday (early) morning shopping tradition continued.

(Speaking of shopping on Thanksgiving, they had interviewed 2 people on the news last night. One guy got to CompUSA in the city at noon because they were opening at 9 pm and he wanted to be first on line for a laptop because he didn't get anything the year before. He was first on line, but the laptop didn't go on sale until 5 am, so he had to wait overnight! Then there was the woman who went to CompUSA and then was off to Woodbury because they were open at midnight with the outlets. I was so tired from the huge Thanksgiving dinner that all I wanted to do (after watching Pushing Daisies) was sleep.)

We left the house at 5 (we weren't going to stand on line at Best Buy before 3 am for the doorbusters because we weren't that into anything listed as a doorbuster) and got to Best Buy around 5:10. We got home around 12:40. Long, long morning of shopping.

Where did we go? A bunch of places, but we bought stuff from BB, Macys, Sears, Bath & Body Works (great deals but their credit card machines weren't really working!), Sephora, Victoria's Secret, Taco Bell, Costco, Target.

Notably missing from the list? Circuit City, of course.

Why didn't we go to Circuit City? See here and here and here, especially the second link. To summarize, our past Black Friday experiences have shown Circuit City here to be: disorganized, inefficient, frustrating, aggravating and a horrible experience. We were willing to not save the couple of extra dollars to buy something at Best Buy instead. Or to go to Circuit City later in the day since we were really just going to get DVDs.

So after we finished at the mall around 10:30 we tried to go to CC. There was still a line.

Went to other places and then after we finished lunch at Costco, we tried to go to CC. There was still a line. It was 12:30. There should not still be a line to get into the store at 12:30!! (Especially when the sales weren't that good...) I think we were quite happy with our decision to skip that frustrating, frustrating madness this year. Best Buy, in contrast to this CC, is amazingly organized and efficient (even considering the mob) and they manage to improve their methods every year. That's how a store should be run!

Anyway, came back home, went on a brief photo walk to take pictures of autumn leaves (there are some really gorgeous firey colors out here), and then settled in for a nice afternoon recovery nap. Maybe when we go to CC before dinner, there won't be a line to get into the store. We'll see.

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