Monday, February 04, 2008

Ads Roundup

The commercials this year were just ok. Rather than blog after every commercial break, here's a summary of what I liked and didn't like (skipping over most Fox promos and also the United Way/Parents are the anti-drug ones, because the latter are fine whatever they say). The list of "don't care" and "don't like" is much longer than the ones I liked. No surprise there, I suppose. I can't believe it took me half an hour to type this out.


-- FedEx with the pigeons and birds carrying packages - I thought this was funny, unlike so many others.

-- Pepsi with Justin Timberlake - Funny watching JT get tossed around.

-- Trailer for the Pixar movie, Wall-e - I was laughing out loud at this one. I love Pixar movies. I love seeing Buzz and Woody talking about the movie. I loved what they had in the ad. Excited!

-- Bud Light with the cavemen - much better than the Geico cavemen. "Wheel suck!"

-- NFL Superad - is that a true story? Regardless it was fantastic.


-- Diet Pepsi Max with the sleeping people - I liked this one because we have all been one of those sleeping people at some point (at least I know I have!).

-- Trailer for Wanted - looked interesting.

-- Clydesdale with dalmatian trainer - I like Clydesdales. I like dogs. And the commercial was really sweet.

-- TMobile fave 5 with Charles Barkley - amusing. Those phone calls seemed like they were getting annoying :)

-- Doritos mousetrap - the giant mouse was funny.

-- Trailer for Jumper (and all the other ones that have been playing already)

-- American Airlines escape from company training

-- Coke - fighting between the balloons for the Coke bottle - amusing and cute.

-- American Idol with Ben Roethlisberger - that was really amusing. Looking forward to getting past the mass auditions on AI.

Somewhat Liked (maybe)

-- Bud Light fire breathing - it was just ok. The beginning wasn't very good, but the ending got a little better. For the first commercial, I was expecting something better! Made me think about that article from the paper about how the commercials this year would be sweeter and gentler.

-- Bud Light cheese run - amusing, but nothing really special.

-- Underarmour - it was fine, but I wasn't really paying close attention because I was just thinking about how Alvin really likes Underarmour.

-- G2 with Derek Jeter - would have gone into the "boring" category except the ending was nice.

-- Tide to go with the talking stain - it was ok. At least it gets across the message about the product.

--, 2nd ad - my ads just say "with Bones guy - amusing" and I'm not sure I remember why.

-- Sales Genie with the pandas - I liked the pandas but the accents bugged.

-- eTrade with the talking baby - the spit-up was amusing.

-- Coke with the Democrats/Republicans - cute but I think it will take more than Coke to bridge this gap.

-- Taco Bell fiesta platters - why aren't there real Taco Bells in the city?

-- Bud Light Will Ferrell.

Didn't Care/Boring

-- Bridgestone with the screaming animals - *shrug*

-- Doritos and the girl singing - did she win a contest or something? Didn't really care. Nice for her that she got a big audience though.

-- Prudential - my notes said that I didn't really care, and I couldn't tell you what was in this ad if I tried.

-- Dell - didn't care for the ad, but I liked the saving lives part.

-- Trailer for Iron Man - seemed fine, but I didn't even remember they had this on until I checked my notes. The only trailer I really remember is Pixar.

-- Garmin GPS - the only thing the ad did was make me want to go on vacation.

-- Sobe Life Water - I think this was the dancing? I just wrote "boring."

-- Yukon hybrid with the sketched ball - I'm glad they make it, but *shrug*

-- Bud Light accents - Continuing from last year? Didn't really care.

-- Trailer for Prince Caspian - started thinking about how I hadn't read the book in like 20 years and have no memory of what happens.

-- Vitamin Water - *shrug* What's with all the water advertising this year?

-- Bridgestone with people in the road - better than the other one, but still didn't really care.

-- Hyundai something or other. Boring.

-- Ford Edge with Derek Jeter - my only real thought was that Derek Jeter was now shilling for 2 products!

-- Dunkin Donuts - nice but seen before

-- Sequoia - commercial was boring but the activity would be fun.

-- eTrade talking baby again - I was not a big fan of clowns either.

-- Hyundai Genesis - maybe I just find car commercials boring?

Didn't Like

-- Audi - I think I was missing the pop culture reference at the time for whatever this was, and just didn't really like it. The sunset in Arizona after the commercial was nice, though!

-- Sales Genie, the first ad -- I wrote "meh" in my notes but I don't even remember what this was about.

-- Godaddy - of course it goes in this category. Were they really going for "go online and watch someone take their clothes off"?

-- with that stone circle fight.

-- Corolla with the badgers in the car.

-- Leatherheads - I thought it was amusing and was waiting for the product it was advertising, but a movie? Really?

-- Careerbuilder with the bouncing heart - I think I zoned out.

-- Planters peanuts - I didn't like this one at all. I found it unpleasant overall, but the message that an "unattractive" girl would have no one paying attention to her but if people smelled peanuts, they'd be falling all over her, I didn't like at all. As if someone had nothing good or attractive about them because of how they look. Anyway.

-- Carmen Electra and the ice cubes gum - kind of lame.

-- Careerbuilder with the singing and the giant spider - yuck. Some of us do not like spiders. And that was a giant one! Why can't you bring back the chimps??

-- Bud Light with the ability to fly - it was obvious that there was going to be a plane involved.

-- Sunsilk hair - kind of boring, and I was doubtful that the featured celebs used the products.

-- Zohan movie trailer - don't even remember what this is about. Is this Adam Sandler?

-- Gatorade with the dog drinking water - I sat there, thinking aloud, "I can't believe millions of people are sitting here watching a dog drink water."

-- Victoria's Secret - I rolled my eyes. Because obviously women can't like football games.

-- Amp drink and charging the car with his body - eww, gross. And no, don't try it at home!

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