Friday, June 20, 2008

Basic Reading Ability

I am really annoyed with the media (aside from Keith Olbermann).
All this crap about how Obama is "in a shift" rejecting public financing, or flip-flopping, or changing his mind, or going back on his word, or how he lied before, or blah blah blah...
Can you people read?
Can you read the part where there were conditions on whether he would take it?
Can you read the part where he said he would take it once there was agreement with the other party's nominee?
Can you read any of that?
Or, rather, can you understand it?
It's not going back on a word.  He didn't lie.  So frustrating.
And his system is more like real "public" financing than anything people have been doing.
But I guess my outrage at the media is good, because as long as this keeps up, I'm going to donate money every day that it makes me pissed off.  Thank goodness for blogs.

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