Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He Went Green?

I guess tonight's drinking game should have been to drink every time McCain said "change we can believe in," or rather "that's not change we can believe in."


All I do is shout at the screen when this man tries to talk. I mean, read. Off his 3 teleprompters (and it's obvious where they are). The man who ripped off the slogan he is enjoying mocking to make his own new slogan, "A Leader We Can Believe In." Can't write your own slogans? And how about doing his speech from New Orleans, the city he couldn't bother caring about during the hurricane while he was having cake with BFF Bush?

Thank goodness I don't have to listen to him whine anymore, because Keith and Chris cut him off to talk about how Barack is the presumptive nominee. They just cut him off completely and without another word about him. Haha. CNN's not showing him either. Only Fox News. The "fair and balanced" network. Sigh. How on earth could Hillary's surrogates go on the air and call them "fair and balanced"? It only helps with their attempt at legitimacy.

And it appears CNN and MSNBC are done with him. Good. No more mocking of change. Real change. Not "McCain" (non)change.

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