Friday, January 16, 2009

Odds and Ends

1.  I skipped last season of America's Best Dance Crew because of timing conflicts and DVR issues, but I think I may have to watch this season!  All of the crews were really good, and it's perfect for people going through SYTYCD withdrawal (unlike Superstars of Dance).  They have Quest!  And the clogger!
2.  I do not like negative wind chills.  Every time I think about how much the weather sucks, I just keep reminding myself that Chicago is much, much worse.
3.  I need to stop having wedding-related dreams.  It is getting really ANNOYING.  Not even about our wedding or our planning, but like random stuff!  Last night, I remember 3 segments of my dream.  One dealt with work and people signing something that we had been asking about for weeks that wasn't really done.  The other 2 dealt with weddings!  In one, I had a cousin who just got engaged (it must be a fictional cousin, because I don't think this can apply to any of my own) and planned a wedding for the day right before ours, and told us to move our date even though they got engaged after us and we had already put down a bunch of deposits and had done all this planning and they had done nothing.  It caused a lot of strife.  The last part I remember is being an observer to a Jewish wedding, and two people were telling me about some custom about weddings taking place at the same time at the same place, and how the original couple can go through some practice or ritual to ensure they have good luck even if someone else wants to get married at the same place at the same time.  (I have no idea if this is even a custom in ANY culture, it was weird.)  There were opal like pebbles involved in the stone bowl type thing they use for tableside guacamole.  And in one of these segments or some other segment, we were driving around a parking lot.  But anyway, need to stop dreaming about weddings!  It's something different every time but seriously!  Although I suppose dreaming about weddings is better than dreaming about some other stuff...
4.  I was talking the other day about how Flavors and Cafe Metro must be owned by the same people because their "organic chick pea salad" looked awfully similar (but was cheaper at Metro).  It was disappointing to realize today while reading Midtown Lunch that I was correct.  I don't know how I feel about this now...  I also wish Just Salad would open up closer already, because I want their salads and they are too far of a walk.  All the places I want to go to for lunch are too far away in this cold weather.
5.  Do they make a converter switch to switch between the DVD player and the Wii?  I want to use both but don't want to keep unplugging and plugging in.
6.  I have a calendar on my desk at work with pictures of islands.  It helps with daydreaming, but is also a kind of torture if you can't go on vacation right now and are in a cold climate.  Today it was a little easier to deal with because it's the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines and I can't see any water.  Yesterday it was this hut in the middle of the water in the Maldives at sunset, and the day before it was an aerial view of Le Meridien Bora Bora, and it was so hard to look at....
7.  The DVR needs to start taping 3 things at once.  I am having problems with the Tuesdays at 9 pm and Thursdays at 10 pm time slots.  Tuesday is Mentalist, Privileged and Fringe, and Thursday is Burn Notice (next week), Private Practice and Dance Crew.  Thank goodness Kyle XY is no longer on at 8, or else you could add Monday at 8 pm to the list.  And when Survivor returns, may have to add Thursday at 8, because of Survivor, Ugly Betty and Bones.  This is not fair!!  But thank goodness for Hulu.
8.  On the wedding planning front, we have a photographer and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9.  I don't know what to eat for lunch (again, just like yesterday).  I want soup but I don't.  I want salad but I don't.  I want a sandwich but I don't.  I want something with FLAVOR.  I want Zaiya but it's too far.  I want Just Salad but it's too far.  I want salads from Dishes but it's going to be too crowded.  I want Mediterranean salads but I had them last night too.  I want sushi but the good stuff is too far or too expensive or at a sit-down place.  Argh, so difficult!
10.  Is anyone good at calorie counting?  I am very confused as to the proper way to count calories and cannot figure out how to do it unless (a) it's packaged food, (b) the calorie count is given (like at Pret) or (c) you measure out and make the food yourself.  How do I measure a salmon & avocado sushi roll?  What about a portion of a string beans with olive paste dish?  Please help!  I'm trying hard to keep up with this but it's all blanks!

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