Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Notes

Random weekend notes:

1. I have been sick all weekend. Thank goodness it was a 3 day weekend so I could try to recuperate, but let me just say that being sick on a 3 day weekend SUCKS. I'm sick of being sick! I'm hoping this Theraflu stuff works... on top of the 5-6 other things I'm taking...

2. I can't believe our long (8 years long!) national nightmare will be over tomorrow. It's almost unimaginable!

3. I watched 5 hours of Lost tonight, broken up by the new episode of 24. It's like drama overload. (Would have watched all 6 hours of Lost on Sci-Fi (yes, it was 6, not 4, I was wrong before), but was taping 2 things (Kyle XY and 24) on the DVR.)

4. Poor Alvin didn't have today off, so for him, today is not still the weekend.

5. I had better sleeping habits this weekend when I was sick, but now it's back to almost 1 am and still up.

6. Our save the dates came in the mail! Yay! Although they're a little lighter in color, and less contrast, than we expected. I guess the proof looks different on the laptop than it did on the paper. But they're still pretty. And Wedding Paper Divas has been a good company to work with. (I love that they have customer service chat!)

7. I have still not decided whether or not to watch the inauguration in public, but will most likely be watching at my desk.

8. I never knew until tonight that the quick way to make hot dogs in the microwave was to wrap the hot dog in the bun and wrap the whole thing in a towel. It's so quick and easy! I've never done it that way before... How have I missed this?

9. I hope I remember to take the Halls cough drops tomorrow, on top of the Sucrets which I will run out of, and my Theraflu pack.

10. After my post about wedding dreams, I had one non-wedding dream (relating to Boston, Hawaii, public transportation, getting to Logan airport, and coastline views), but the rest have all had something to do with weddings. I guess I will just live with it. :)

Off to getting ready to sleep!

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