Tuesday, January 06, 2009


My weakness for high school dramas led me to watch the majority of yesterday's marathon of the Secret Life of the American Teenager. Yes, I saw almost all of it, until the DVR needed to tape on 2 channels at 9 pm. I'm, um, hooked on it? But was taping 2 things tonight during its normal time slot, and Gossip Girl definitely wins.

My weakness for dance shows led me to watch nearly 4 hours of Superstars of Dance today. However, I'm not so impressed with this show despite my love for SYTYCD. Many reasons: (i) the Irish dancers are getting great scores from everyone, but every single one of their routines is step dancing (and only the duet was slightly different), (ii) 4 hours is a bit much, (iii) there seems to be some sort of bias against the ethnic dancers (other than the one South African dancer) because I don't know what was so wrong with that Bollywood routine that they disliked so much since I thought it was great (India seems to be getting hit hard with this bias), (iv) it doesn't make sense that the Argentinians get called out for not having enough dance elements in their routines but get 8s, and others (such as the Chinese) get called out for not having enough dance elements in their routines and get 7s, and (v) the judging just seems messed up. At least the Russian judge is amusing, and the Chinese judge sounds like he's on a tape recorder with his "8" on almost every dance (it's like he's stopped watching too). If I get too fed up with the scoring, I may just watch the dances and fast forward the judges other than Russia and China.

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