Friday, September 14, 2007

Healthy Meals

Since I'm still getting over a stomach bug, I've been eating really carefully and trying to change my diet to be more healthy. (Lots of delivery over the past 2 years has not been great health-wise). Today, since it was a firm holiday (think of it like a Saturday as far as whether you have to go into the office), I had the first opportunity in a long time to cook dinner from scratch. It was nice having time. Especially since I am super slow when it comes to cooking. I could never succeed at a quickfire challenge.

But today I had enough time to marinate the salmon. Make a trip to Whole Foods to pick up some mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Chop vegetables. Bake everything. Listing it out like this, it sounds like I did nothing, yet somehow it still took like an hour to do everything. I am so slow.

It was nice to eat something healthy. Just feels so clean afterwards instead of totally polluted (like after eating at Burger King, even though I do like their veggie burger... I think I'm really referring to the onion rings). Quite a satisfying feeling. And the best part was the cherry tomatoes. I'm not a huge tomato person at all but I just felt like getting a little box of them. They were locally grown in New Jersey and the color was so vivid when I chopped them up and they held the seasonings so well. Yum. Now I just want a dish of baked cherry tomatoes. Mmm. (It just hit me - I think I'm not a huge fan of COLD tomatoes (other than slices). I think I generally like warm/hot tomatoes).

Anyway, I would like to cook more, if only I had more time to do it. Anyone have any reliable quick and healthy recipes that they want to share? I love the clean feeling you get from cooking and eating a nice healthy meal. Mmm.

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