Friday, May 16, 2008


So... the full list of shows I watched regularly this year and which were cancelled...
Cashmere Mafia
New Amsterdam
Women's Murder Club
Men in Trees
Big Shots
The only ones I'm not that upset about are Cashmere Mafia and Big Shots.  They entertained me while they were on, but I didn't care that much whether they stayed or not.  I guess I watched Cane too, but I stopped because I got bored.
But the others (Shark aside) have one thing in common.  They weren't the typical procedural drama.  Is that all we want on tv?  Different variations of CSI and Law & Order? I wish that weren't the case.  I'd rather have my vampires and immortal Dutch men and time traveling journalists and the quirky residents of Elmo.  Unfortunately that means I get attached to the good new shows and inevitably each May (or earlier..) get upset at the networks.  I think this year's anger gets directed at CBS.  I would put ABC in second, but they redeemed themselves by saving Eli Stone and the whole slate of new shows much earlier in the year (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, etc.)
I also wish they would realize that the old way of counting viewers just really doesn't work anymore.  And that not all of these shows are really "failing."  Sigh.

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