Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am not happy with the cancellations of TV shows that I like.  I have lists of shows that the networks prematurely cancelled that I liked.  And this year, with the strike, some shows got to last longer so much longer than they would have without the strike (Journeyman would have been off the air almost immediately) but I can't believe they're cancelling some of these.  Since in some cases, it's their own fault (Men in Trees...)!
I was happy to hear that Eli Stone was coming back (thank goodness) but around the same time heard Women's Murder Club was out.  And before that, Men in Trees was done after this summer (a true ABC mistake, moving it all over and sending it to hiatus, how is anyone supposed to know it's on?).  And New Amsterdam isn't coming back (sigh). 
And now, one that I really disliked hearing...... CBS is cancelling Moonlight?!?!

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kimieshere said...

I agree with the statement on Men In Trees. Moving it 6 times, no promotion and 2 long hiatuses. SHAME ON ABC!
This was a good family show, well written. They felt like family and now I feel like my best friend just moved to MARS.
So we MIT fans are sending ABC a TWIG to SAVE TREES. I personally will be doing this daily for awhile. It makes me laugh all the way to the post office. Please join us. ABC Entertainment c/o Men In Trees 500 S. Buena Vista St. Buebank, CA 91521-4551.