Thursday, May 22, 2008


I can't believe the airlines are going to start charging for the first bag checked in on a flight.
Especially when we're essentially forced to check bags because of (a) the liquid restrictions and (b) the fact that all the carry-on bins are already full.
So... now, everyone's going to try to carry on their luggage... and they're going to end up with overflow problems and a lot of gate checking... and they're going to crackdown on bag size and all that other crap or else nothing will fit... and then you're going to end up with people like me who have actually read the contract of carriage and know that they won't reimburse you for certain items and tell you to carry them onboard... and then, we start the circle again.
What a mess.
Not to mention, that for your $15, you get no guarantee that American Airlines will get your bag to your destination on time.  Intact.  Without anything stolen or missing.  So you're paying for a service that, if you don't get your bag, isn't really a service.  And, according to NY1, the current plan doesn't include any way to get your money back if your bag isn't there.
I need to start looking into baggage shipping services.
But for right now, I'm just not flying American (not to mention my previous experience during the mass cancellations).  We'll see what happens when all the other carriers pick up the same plan.  Sigh.

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