Thursday, May 15, 2008

Next TV Season

If the schedules from the upfronts for the next tv season stay the same, here's what the DVR is looking at:
8: Chuck, Gossip Girl, Sarah Connor Chronicles/Dollhouse, Dancing with the Stars.  PROBLEM!  The DVR can only fit 2.  Dancing with the Stars is of course getting pushed to online viewing, but what to do about the other 3!
9: Heroes, 24 (in '09)
10: Boston Legal, My Own Worst Enemy/Philanthropist
8: 90210, Idol (in '09)
9: Fringe (speaking of Fringe, there is a huge ad in the Post today), Surviving the Filthy Rich, Dancing with the Stars results show and that ripoff the Mentalist (which I will only watch if it gets amazing reviews)
10: Eli Stone, Without a Trace (although I gave that up this year because of time issues, so maybe not)
8: Pushing Daisies, Bones, Top Model (also gave that one up this year because of time issues, so maybe not), Knight Rider (maybe?)
9: Private Practice, Idol (in '09), Stylista (maybe?)
10: Dirty Sexy Money, Lipstick Jungle
8: Ugly Betty, Survivor, Hell's Kitchen (in '09)... PROBLEM in '09 if nothing moves!
9: Grey's Anatomy, Kitchen Nightmares
10: Life on Mars, Eleventh Hour (maybe?)
8: Bones (if they insist on putting it there in '09), Crusoe (maybe?)
9: Ex List (although this is Moonlight's spot...)
10: Numb3rs
8: Amazing Race, Merlin
9: Desperate Housewives, Medium (in '09)
10: Brothers and Sisters, Kings (in '09)
So the only real problem is Mondays at 8.  Why Chuck and Gossip Girl are up against one another, I have no idea.  I would say I could dig out videotapes and use my old college tv/vcr combo... except I just remembered the switch to digital in '09.  Hmm.

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