Sunday, July 12, 2009


Dear Duane Reade,

I saw your ad on the subway on Saturday. That Duane Reade is "the one place that even tourists can find."

If I were a tourist, I would be offended by that ad! Not all tourists don't know where they're going. Sometimes when you go visit someplace, you have looked at a map, know where you're going and how to get there. (And sometimes you don't.) But to imply that tourists can't find anything except for Duane Reade because it is everywhere just feels a little insulting!

I realize that the point of the ad is that Duane Reade is everywhere and has covered the city. (Wheee.) However, what does that also say if someone can't find a Duane Reade when they want one? That they're too dumb, because even tourists can find Duane Reade?

I'm just not sure this ad makes anyone feel positive. The whole ad just seems to imply that tourists are dumb and clueless. (And shouldn't we want people to visit new places as tourists and shouldn't the city want tourists to come?) What was the thinking here?


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