Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today was such a frustrating day. In addition to just being completely overwhelmed and feeling like there's not enough hours in the day (for work, working out, wedding planning, cleaning and life), there were just so many little annoyances that I feel like I've been swearing all day (and I hate doing that).

- I did another EA workout today. First they tried to make me rest because I exercised for 2 days in a row (how am I supposed to lose weight and get in shape if I'm always resting?), but I didn't listen because I'm taking a rest day tomorrow. Second, I should have known I couldn't go more than one day without swearing at the trainer. So many things were wrong! I went at the exact same pace in the exact same form in "kick-ups" (basically like running or butt kicks), yet sometimes it was "too slow" and sometimes it was "perfect" (and it alternated like every 3 steps). So annoying. Also annoying that it doesn't register my movements and made me wait like 30 seconds to do each upright row. And then there were the side jumps, where they told me I had no rhythm because I jumped after the trainer said "jump!" instead of just before the trainer said "jump!"

- The gym is choosing not to comprehend that you can prorate something already paid by refunding part of it. I made quite a logical argument but I'm not fighting anymore. I'm also just ticked off that I wrote an email last week about the issue, got no response, followed up today, and she claimed to never get my email. Well, it wasn't returned to me. You got it.

- Too much wedding crap and not enough time.

And now it's 11:42 and we just finished with dinner and working out. Sigh.

At least I got an appointment for a free skin cancer screening. That's a very good thing. And it's SYTYCD tonight. I voted! Go Brandon, Ade, Janette and Jeanine! Favorite routine: contemporary.

I know this post is all over the place, but it's late and I'm scatterbrained.

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