Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pizza Bianca

It's so humid outside that I felt like I was going to melt into the air.  (Weather Channel, I don't know how this can only be 55% humidity!)  I finally feel better now that I have finished my salad and have cooled off (temperature-wise not temper... I have a seriously low tolerance for BS right now).
I went to Just Salad for lunch.  I haven't been in awhile, and I probably should go more since it's healthy!  I was prompted to go this morning by good news landing in my inbox - they brought back the old bread!
I may have mentioned this before (but can't search from work), but Just Salad switched their bread at one point from this yummy bread to this multigrain roll.  I know the multigrain roll is healthier, but I'm eating a salad - I'll cut a little corner with that addictive bread.  It was so sudden and I was so sad that I was never going to have the good bread again.
Then they did a poll about the bread.  I guess a lot of people complained and wanted the old bread back!  It had been quite some time since the poll, so I just assumed they decided to stick with multigrain. 
But I was wrong!  They are bringing back the old bread effective immediately -
And now I know why it was so good!  It was Sullivan Street Bakery bread!  I never knew that before.
So in honor of the good bread returning - it was a Just Salad day!  And outside of the butternut squash being not as good as other days, the salad was great.  And the bread... well, now I want more. Yum, pizza bianca bread.

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