Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More on the Inbox

I realize that this is an entirely useless thing to blog about, except anyone who has followed this blog for a long time (and I would love to know who you are and how you found this and why you keep reading, out of curiosity) knows that I like to blog about things to try to keep myself accountable. I am really trying hard to get my inbox under control (all of them, but concentrating mostly on work and gmail), and I don't know how else to make myself do it! It's so time consuming, which really means I just get too many emails (which is true), but I also need to be better about taking care of it.

So I am proud to announce that after a lot of work today, I am down to 3962 messages in the gmail inbox! I would really like to keep the inbox under 4000 (and really, I have no idea how there are that many thousand messages in the inbox still - what ARE they?), so let's see if I can do it!

In fitness news, I went running 3 of the 4 days this weekend (counting Friday), and by running I mean, alternating running with walking since I am still a beginner. It's really difficult to go during the week because of work, but hopefully I'll find some alternative during this week to keep the good progress going!

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