Thursday, September 10, 2009


Dear Thai Restaurant In My Neighborhood That I Actually Somewhat Like,
I ordered delivery tonight from your restaurant.  I have been to your restaurant and I like eating there.  But I am very unhappy right now.
If you are going to include broccoli in your dish, please put it in the description.  You listed the onions, the basil, the peppers, but no broccoli.  Basil, tomato, chili, egg, onion, scallions.  That's all you listed.  I just checked.  Am I supposed to assume broccoli is in it?  That would be an unreasonable assumption since you listed broccoli as an ingredient to the other dishes but not this one.  That would lead one to conclude that broccoli is not an ingredient or you would have listed it the same way as the other dishes.
Due to your omission, I cannot eat my dinner entree.  I am really glad that (a) I'm not personally paying for this, (b) I ordered 2 appetizers so at least now I have something to eat and (c) I have someone at home who can eat this.  If I didn't, the entire thing would have gone in the garbage, and I'd be even more pissed.  What a waste.
But, no, I'm not going to call you and have you send over another one because I don't want to wait around for it.  I don't want to waste my time.
Please fix your *%$&# menu!

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