Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Insomnia

Last night was a perfect storm of insomnia.

I didn't get to sleep until after 5:30, and at one point, even thought, "why bother?" Ultimately, it was knowing that Sunday would completely suck if I didn't get some sleep and a sudden crash around 5:15 that sent me to bed.

Why the insomnia? For someone who can sleep almost anytime, I think there were a few contributing factors:

1. Tea - Tea never usually keeps me awake. I like to say at work that it helps me stay alert, but that I could still fall asleep if I want. This is still mostly true, I think, but it seems to be having more of an effect on me lately, especially tea from Japanese restaurants. Had all of the other factors not contributed, I probably would have slept earlier, and had I just forced myself to go to bed earlier, I probably would have slept earlier... but I didn't.

2. Sleeping in - I end up so exhausted on Fridays that I usually take advantage of Saturdays for sleeping in (and it feels so, so good). Unfortunately this Friday night I stayed up even later than usual (despite being completely exhausted) because I had to finish writing more Christmas cards so we could get them in the mail by my self-imposed deadline of Saturday. Needless to say, we woke up late, and then just relaxed for a few more hours, so by the time the day started, it was already late!

3. Late day shift - Continuing from #2, we woke up late, so we got out of the apartment late, so we ate late, so we shopped late, so we got home late, so we took showers late, so we went to sleep late. Unfortunately, it's an endless cycle, which means that last night, we went to sleep late... so we got up late... repeat.

4. TV - I was supposed to take a shower, but then the repeat of Lost that was on was "The Variable" - the Faraday episode and one of my favorites - and being part of the end of season crescendo of last season's Lost, I couldn't tear myself away until it was over. And I think it started late because of the snow reports. Oops.

5. Naps - Naps usually set me back a bit, and yesterday was no different. I fell asleep on the train ride from Queens to the East Village, and then again from the Upper East Side to home. Oops. (We were smart and didn't do any of our Christmas shopping (other than online shopping) until yesterday, the day that just happened to be the "blizzard." Shopping and trudging through the blowing snow is exhausting!)

6. Electronic clutter - My gmail inbox went back over 3000 because I have been so busy lately with work, Christmas cards and thank you cards that I haven't been taking care of it. I really wanted to get it below 2000 for the new year. So, I had to fix that. I got it under 2850, and right now, it's under 2800, so my goal for tonight is to be under 2700. I was pretty good about it for awhile, and then it got a little too busy.

7. Sick - I'm not feeling all that well today, and am wondering if the beginnings of it were last night and if that also kept me from sleeping.

8. Pictures - I had to upload my pictures of the snow that we trudged through all day and also the snow that confronted us when we got to our apartment, among others. I usually don't upload until the weekends these days and have a lot of catching up to do!

So now I'm sitting at home, not feeling so great, and it's already after 3 pm. I guess it's a good time to start working (is there ever a good time on a Sunday?). I would rather be outside since I love when blue skies and sunlight meet snow piles and think it makes for nice pictures. But since I'm not, here's a picture of our apartment hallway yesterday:

The window was open when we got home. Indoor snowstorm!

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