Thursday, January 03, 2008

Deal or No Deal

(Spoilers follow - if this was a new episode of Deal or No Deal, I have no idea)

She could have had $200,000 but she got a penny.

It's horrible, but I was laughing. Because it was their own fault!

It was kind of genius of the banker to smash the piggybank, so that they could go on and on with the emotional reason to keep playing. "He smashed your piggybank! Take him for a million!"

The people she brought with her didn't help. Between the emotional playing and the "you've always got it in you to go for one more" (when this is really gambling and not the gym), it's not a surprise they played to the end. But when your deal is $2,500, I guess you don't really see a choice.

Celebrity Apprentice time.

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Anonymous said...

Genious or not...smashing the woman's lucky piggy bank when the offer was at 200 grand seemed a bit drastic. Peple may or may not buy into good luck charms but when one's personal property is destroyed and said personal property is believed to be a good luck charm there has to be some sort of legal action available... as a viewer it all sort of left me with a bad taste in my mouth...or was that the bacon?...lmao!