Friday, January 11, 2008


I am generally in favor of congestion pricing. I think it works in other cities, and something really needs to be done here.

But one of the proposed "alternatives" this morning that I heard on the news annoyed me. Perhaps they didn't give all of the details, but what it sounded like was that if your license plate ended in a certain number, then you couldn't drive on a certain day. Sure, that would cut down on congestion. But it's a bit impractical! We live in the "congestion zone." So does that mean that if I really need to take my car out one day, but it happens to be the wrong day, I can't do it (without penalty, I'm assuming)? What if I want to drive out of the city? What if I'm just taking my car to get inspected? It's not like I can avoid the zone. Maybe there's some exception for residents. But this sounds a lot like Survivor alphabet strategy.

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