Sunday, January 06, 2008

Smoke Update

Thank goodness it's winter and we don't have to worry about massive numbers of insects coming in through the window, because we had to crack the window open in the bedroom in order to even sit in the room. It's almost as bad as sitting next to someone smoking, and it's in the bedroom! Which has no window open and no vent going... so how is that happening? It's usually worse in the other rooms and ok in the bedroom, but now it's backwards!

The "fresh" (street) air was refreshing and cleaned the room out in about 5-10 minutes, but that's also about how long it lasted. Whoever is chain-smoking hasn't stopped because it's not too good in there again. So annoying that I can't breathe at home. So, so annoying. It's not just the breathing thing... it also makes me physically sick. Grr.

Oh well. Just going to have to open the window again soon. And start reading reviews so we can buy more air filters.

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