Thursday, January 03, 2008


1.  It doesn't feel like a Thursday. I keep forgetting it's already Thursday and I feel like I have the whole week ahead of me.  Although, it's a good thing because it means "sleep-in morning" is coming up soon.  Yay for Saturday mornings!
2.  There is still confetti all over Times Square.  I guess that's what happens when you drop a literal ton of confetti.
3.  I tried a roasted butternut squash soup for lunch but ended up getting the split pea because the butternut squash soup didn't taste like butternut squash.  At least it didn't taste like the kind I get at Just Salad.  It was a little closer to the flavor from the ravioli we got where it was mixed with cheese, but even that had more squash-y flavor.  I guess maybe I like raw butternut squash?
4.  It's quite cold outside and I'm really trying not to get sick(er).  Of course, going outside in a skirt to get lunch, even if it's 20 steps, was probably not a good idea.
5.  I didn't start this as a numbered list, but the list is so random that it started to make sense to do so.
6.  My grandparents flew down to Florida today.  I wish I were in Florida.  Even if it's "only" in the 50s.
7.  I want to go on vacation.  I would really like to go to South America.  I just want to go somewhere international... where the dollar doesn't suck.  And somewhere warm.  That would help.
8.  Still have not made any progress on the first resolution to get a sunrise alarm clock.
9.  I keep trying to clean my desk but it doesn't look like I made any progress.  I got rid of a really thick pile of stuff though!
10.  I got cookies from some document company that were delivered by our page department and I was confused because I didn't know who they were from or why I was getting them.  (It had the company name and the person's name.)  I started wondering if the "Halloween rule" should be in effect and I shouldn't eat them because they were not packaged cookies.  I dwelled on this for quite awhile because I actually really wanted a cookie this afternoon.  Eventually, I just ate both cookies.  It was a nice gesture, but perhaps packaging would be good so this type of issue doesn't come up!

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