Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm sad that Burritoville is gone (or at least that's what the blogs say).  We kept going to Chipotle instead (they are diagonally across from one another) because that Burritoville location had some fruit fly problem by the salsa that started to annoy me.  They looked cleaner recently, but we never got around to trying it.  I can't even remember the last time I ate there!  But I'm sad because they actually had healthy burrito/burrito bowl options.  Brown rice.  Tofu sour cream.  With this gone and Rocket Wrapps gone, there is no more healthy option for burrito bowls on that section of 9th Ave.  I like to think I'm being somewhat "healthy" by going to Chipotle, not by the numbers, but because of loading up on fruits & vegetables, but I know that it's not as healthy as either of the other 2 places.  Oh well.  As Alvin says, "lost opportunities."  I saw them closed when we went to Chipotle on Friday but thought it was just a DOH thing.  Never expected this (although I could have read about it before then if I looked at the sites I usually read).  Sigh.

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