Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hopefully the "bad financial market events" during vacations trend will now be broken because bad things come in threes.
When we went to Alaska last year, we returned to land in Seattle to find out about the subprime mess and collapse.
When we went to Florida in the spring, Bear Stearns got bought by Chase.
We just came back from Hawaii on Monday.  What happened this time? Oh, Lehman went under, Merrill Lynch got bought, and the country bought AIG.
This really has to stop or I won't be able to fly places on vacation anymore!  People said I can't go on vacation anymore because of this trend.  I think it must stop now.  That's 3 bad things.  Bad things come in threes.  Please let the worst be over.
Then again, I don't think we're flying anywhere on vacation until after November.  So maybe it will get better.  Hopefully.  Hopefully someone who knows that Spain is not in Latin America will be elected and the madness will stop.

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Armen Cyrus (GRN) said...

Hi Marissa, what you have posted is 100% true and right.
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