Sunday, September 28, 2008

TAR 13.1

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

I'm not going to spoil who won or lost this first leg of TAR 13 (other than that they were both teams I like), but I'm so excited that the Amazing Race is back! It's been so long. The last season aired last fall and I forgot how much I missed this show. Yay!

Anyway, the teams were in Salvador, Brazil today. I haven't been to Brazil, but would like to go someday. Salvador looked like a nice city, and the tasks looked fun. I definitely would have preferred climbing down a net to crawling hands and knees up the stairs. Yikes.

But the real story is how there are always teams I don't like! Right now it's 2.5 I think... the frat boys, the woman who really wants to get married (right now she is being edited as one dimensional and he really doesn't look like he wants to get married) and especially Terrence and Sarah. He's supposedly a free spirit, but he's the most uptight and intense free spirit I've ever seen on TV. She has her own issues and isn't treating this like a race, getting upset with people running the race because she tried to talk to them in the street and be nice, and they probably didn't even hear her since they were racing! And the preview is no better where he complains that 2 teams are "like one" because they're in an alliance (has he even watched the show? does he know what an alliance is?), and she whines that they didn't even say hi to her. Seriously?!

I'm so glad the race is back! And I'm also really glad that after a month of having no real chairs in the living room, we have new Ikea chairs to sit and watch TV. Yay!

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