Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend!

Mine was kind of blah. I did work for a good part of it, and cleaned the apartment when I could, but other than that, not much happened. Unlike the last 3 day weekend for July 4th, this weekend wasn't very restful. Worked most of the time, my allergies are going crazy, my eye won't stop twitching, I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I needed to do. But in appreciation of the little things, here were the highlights of my Labor Day weekend:

- Bringing our futon to my parents' house to get rid of it and doing a Wii Fit workout
- Delicious Chinese food for dinner at Spring Garden, especially the string beans
- Seeing a US immigration document from 1933 that my grandfather found when cleaning out his house

- Potato salad and sushi at our neighborhood sushi place
- Delicious Mediterranean lunch at Gazala Place
- Getting through a few episodes on the DVR, including an especially entertaining episode of Psych that I have been meaning to watch

- Buying a dress
- Getting new flip flops
- Discovering a new neighborhood Indian restaurant with excellent food

(So... it's been a good eating weekend... I guess that sums it up...)

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