Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I finally finished the season finale of Grey's Anatomy tonight. Only took almost a month. I guess I didn't feel like watching it knowing about who everyone thought had died. I had missed the finale on the night it aired (don't remember why), but then the next day, headlines were screaming about who got hit by a bus and who died and whatnot. I didn't want to know! I actually tried to not be spoiled about the show, avoiding facebook messages about it and everything, and there it was on an entertainment site - in the headlines! Argh!

I thought it was good. Since I was spoiled, the second hour didn't pack as much punch or suspense as I think it would have had I not been spoiled. This is why I don't read spoilers except for reality shows! I learned my lesson when I got spoiled by speculation about John Locke's wheelchair on Lost. People speculated so much about it that during the actual reveal, it seemed anticlimactic. That's why I have a self-imposed ban on how much I'll read about Lost, just in case enthusiastic fans accidentally tease out all the secrets. But in this case, it was in the headlines. I couldn't avoid it! It was very frustrating.

In other news, today:

- I realized the black and white cookies on the cookie plate are actually kind of cake-y and remind me of some other cookie/cake, but I can't remember which one. But I always thought they were hard cookies, so now am wondering what I missed out on.

- I got a salad for lunch. Apparently everyone else wanted a healthy Monday lunch also since the line for Just Salad went into the hallway. I still want to know why they got rid of the good focaccia bread. I didn't head over for the Kogi/Dessert Truck hour-long special today, because (a) they're too far from the office, (b) they had only 200 servings and I didn't have enough time to get there early and wait in line and (c) I expected a mob scene. Instead I kept up with it on the blogs.

- We got closer to finalizing our invitations! Proofs are in the mail! Yippee!

- I had such a craving for larb gai that instead of having dinner at home, we went out for Thai. Now I'm quite full. Bad me.

- I discovered that the maintenance people's attempt at vacuuming and spraying Raid ant and roach killer to kill fruit flies eating glue in the ventilation failed, as yet again there are 2 new (dead) flies on the window. Why do they come in twos? Why do they mostly come up on Mondays? Why can't they figure out how to get rid of them? Why have I been dealing with this for almost two years?

- I wondered how Katy Perry dance songs made it onto the OneRepublic Pandora station.

- I kept looking at my page-a-day calendar, which had a photo of lounge chairs at a resort on a Bora Bora lagoon. Wish we were there.

- We finally watched another episode of Chuck, and I'm still addicted. I want to watch the next one now! But it's time for a shower...

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