Thursday, June 11, 2009


(Spoilers ahead!)

First performance episode of the season - finally! There was the good (contemporary, ballroom), the bad (Nigel complaining about people flying under the radar as if they had a choice whether or not they showed up in the audition episode footage) and the horrible (the choreography for Tyce's Broadway).

How I ranked the performances in order from most liked to least liked:

1. Melissa & Ade: Wow. Like Shankman, I teared up without even thinking about it. That was so beautiful, so magical, so amazing. I love contemporary dance, and this just conveyed so much emotion. It was really, really good.

2. Maks & Kayla: Yay ballroom. I love watching good fast ballroom routines. So exciting.

3. Karla & Jonathan: Another fast ballroom routine that was a lot of fun to watch. (The music helped.) I don't remember EVER seeing these 2 before the intro to the top 20 episode, but they had really good chemistry together.

4. (tie, can't decide) Kupono & Ashley: I like Wade, but I just never know where to rank his routines because they're just so different. AND Caitlin & Jason: I love Bollywood routines, but I just kept thinking about Katee & Joshua.

6. Brandon & Janette: More ballroom. I hope the Foxtrot curse is done.

7. Evan & Randi: It was OK. They're not going anywhere because it's clear that everyone loves him.

8. Philip & Jeanine: I don't even remember most of what they did, because I spent the whole routine commenting about how every move looked like it came right out of Bleeding Love from last year. All lyrical hip hop shouldn't look the same...

9. Paris & Tony: I kind of tuned out. Don't remember much.

10. Asuka & Vitolio: Sad. I liked both of them in the audition episodes. But this choreography and story and everything... just terrible. I hope they get another chance.

And Mary's Botox comment? Awesome.

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