Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mental Thoughts

Random thoughts from past my bedtime:

1. I have had enough of bugs for today. (Well, I never want to think about them or see them or have them around me, but enough is enough for today!) First, some background. In my first office, I rarely had any flies. Once in a while, they would come in from outside, but that was it. When I moved into my solo office, the first time I got a chance to look at it, I saw all these bug carcasses on the windowsill. Gross! I didn't want to blame the previous occupant, but I had never had that problem before! Then, they didn't go away once I was there, and I reported it to the building who said that it wasn't that uncommon since apparently the flies like to eat this glue or rat poison that's in the vents. After a year or so, they finally vacuumed the vents out and the bugs were for the most part gone. That is, until a few weeks (or is it months? I have lost track of time) ago. They're baaaack! More dead carcasses, dying flies and active ones flitting into my forehead. Joy. I am sick of seeing dead flies and they give me the chills!

So, back to today. My office neighbor apparently came in to find about 30 dead flies on his windowsill. Ewww. I did not go look to corroborate this, but they got maintenance to agree to send an exterminator. For all of our offices with fly problems. I only saw 2 dead ones on my windowsill but when I started moving folders, found 4 more. Ewww. Turns out the exterminator was a maintenance man with a vacuum and a can of Raid, but so be it. Hopefully it works. Eww. Just recently, at home, a spider decided to torment me. Sigh. Oh - and right after our whole discussion at work about the dead flies - a live one decided to make an appearance. Eww.

2. I'm so tired. I don't know how to get rid of the tiredness. And I have to get up early to go to the dentist tomorrow morning. I seriously dislike going to the dentist.

3. I watched both episodes of Mental tonight. It's interesting. I never got into House, but people say this is basically House in a psych ward. I don't love it, but I like it enough to keep watching it... especially since it's summer and there's nothing else on except the Mentalist repeats.

4. I did not eat well today. I did ok until lunch, and then had cookies during my afternoon meeting, and got chips and guacamole with dinner. I don't really think I needed the chips; I think what I really wanted was the guacamole. And then I ate Sour Patch Kids. Bad me! Ugh. I only have a little more than 100 days!

5. Uploading old pictures from 2005... and life just seemed so much simpler. Sigh. We're getting old.

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