Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Nevermind that last post. That was thunder.

I saw a bright flash inbetween our window blinds, and then the room shook and it sounded like garbage cans had hit the wall. We're in the middle of a thunderstorm! I didn't even know it was supposed to rain!

But the thunder's not stopping. It's actually pretty amazing.

So, what am I not doing? Sleeping. What am I doing? Listening to the booming thunder. Ha.

Hmm. If I saw the lightning through the window blinds, where did it strike? In our courtyard? We're on a low floor and our window faces a courtyard and is blocked by a building on the other side... so in order to see it that brightly... the lightning would have to be pretty close...

This thunder is super intense. Haven't heard one of these storms in quite awhile!

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