Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Notes

It's been a really busy weekend. A lot of fun, but late nights, lots of traveling and two weddings have left me completely exhausted. So, only a few quick notes and observations from this weekend:

1. I miss undergrad. It was so great having everyone in the same place, and I think I really took for granted how easy it was to just get together and hang out. Now, with everyone spread around the country and real world responsibilities, it's just so much more difficult.

2. Somehow, we got a better rental car on this trip, booking through Priceline, than we did the last time we rented a car at this airport, directly from the rental company. Not only was it a fraction of the price, but we got a bigger car and it had GPS which they normally charge extra for! Even better, since I was expecting so much less.

3. I love JetBlue. Not only do they still allow you to check a bag for free, but they have free snacks and of course their wonderful DirecTV. And their flight attendants were super nice. Although I don't remember much about our return flight, since I was asleep from the moment we got into the air until we began our final descent into JFK.

4. At last night's wedding, the service for our table was so bad that it was funny. At the outset, we asked them if we could just serve ourselves. (It was a Chinese banquet, and we would prefer to pick out what we liked instead.) I don't know if they were insulted by it or something, but after the first course (which, honestly, most people would want to choose their own food from since it had the pork/cold cut type stuff and the salads), they started serving our table (right next to the head table...) last. And later we saw that other tables had 2 fruit platters, instead of 1. And then we hadn't gotten cake yet, when they went back to the table next to us to offer them seconds. My aunt (mother of the groom...) mentioned to the waiter that our table hadn't gotten cake yet, and he said, "I know, we'll get there" and offered seconds to the other table. Sad, but very amusing. Food was actually pretty good though.

5. Have you ever seen a vending machine serving burgers and fries? How about in a parking garage?

6. All the work I did deleting emails and getting my inbox under 5700 has been undone. I am back above 5850.

7. How far apart do they usually put rest stops on the interstate? 50 miles felt very, very, very, very long early on a Saturday morning. It was actually pretty crowded for 6 am at the rest stop. Yay for hash browns.

8. The new JetBlue terminal at JFK is gorgeous. I can't believe this is the first time we've been there since they redid it, but I guess it makes sense since they don't fly to Hawaii.

9. I love going to weddings.

10. I should be sleeping now, but since I tried to recover last night by sleeping so much, I woke up late, and the late night cycle begins again. So glad it's a 4 day week!!

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