Thursday, August 21, 2008


Earlier this morning, before coming to work, I read the story online about John McCain not knowing how many houses he has.  (Seriously?  Is that possible?  Can you be so far removed that you don't know how many houses you own?)
By lunchtime, it was on every news site, Obama had a great ad about it, it was in his speeches and the McCain campaign had already come back with a lame recycled response (clinging to guns? are we in March?).  So quick.  Usually the media doesn't pick up on these things, but I guess it resonated when you have a man who doesn't know how many houses he owns.
Although one of the blogs (and unfortunately I don't remember which one or I would link it) had a good point.  If McCain thinks you need to make $5 million to be considered rich, and his dumb response to try to paint Obama as elitist notes that Obama made $4 million... then McCain's saying Obama's not rich?  Good job.

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