Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today for lunch I had a sandwich of grilled vegetables - zucchini, eggplant, squash, tomatoes - and pesto, with a side of tomato and herb salad.  It was fresh and delicious, and from the farmers market up at Rockefeller Center.  It was more than I usually spend for lunch, but it was worth it.  Later in the afternoon, I couldn't resist the conecake from the Treats Truck, and it was an afternoon of tasty food.
I ordered dinner at the office today, getting Italian food from a place I had ordered from before, which everyone says is fast and good.  Maybe they were off today.  Because instead of being early, or even on time, they were over 30 minutes late.  The grilled chicken was dry.  I specifically asked for "no broccoli" and there were broccoli stalks in all the vegetables.  The whole meal - the chicken, the vegetables (that I could eat), the pasta, the salad - was all just ordinary.  I tried to order something healthy instead of something soaked in cheese and sauces, but it was just blah.  I thought I had better food from this place before, so either they went downhill, I picked the wrong thing, or it was an off night.
But I highly recommend lunch from the farmers market.  The tomato and herb salad is what sold me.  There's nothing like fresh tomatoes in the summer.  If only the excellent food police hadn't incorrectly fingered the tomato as the culprit earlier this summer, then we wouldn't have been deprived of tomatoes for so long.

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