Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tired Searches

I'm checking my stat logs to see what searches have brought people here. There's more people who swallowed plastic fork prongs and more people looking for old Wife Swap swaps and crayon psychics. But a few interesting ones:

Lipstick Jungle on location Staten Island Ferry
Did they? I'll have to look for this. I did pass by someplace in Tribeca a couple of weeks ago where Ugly Betty was supposed to tape the next day.

Pearl cream (with some other words mixed in)
I went looking for pearl cream in Hong Kong. My aunt had brought it back from China that year and they swore that it improved your skin. I tried it, but don't recall if it actually did anything.

I have no idea what the skyrocketing number of hits from Sunday was from. From all over the world. Bizarre. No real search terms except Blogger stuff.

They have been chopping up the street and drilling for 2 hours now. Argh, make it stop!!

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