Friday, August 29, 2008


I must be really bored with what I'm doing for work.

I keep obsessively reloading the political blogs to read more about what people think about this Palin thing. I don't like it. Mostly because if you're literally a heartbeat from the presidency (should your ticket win), shouldn't you have some sort of competence to handle the job? Shouldn't you have some sort of stance on the issues? She has none on most, according to those sites that track these things. I also am in the camp of people who believe that the only reason she was picked was because of her gender. Which would make it the exact reverse of all that we celebrated last night with Obama's nomination. Aren't we supposed to choose based on the content of character, not the color of someone's skin or their gender? The fact that even the party's surrogates and mouthpieces in the media couldn't explain this or adequately support it this morning, and that it comes so far out of the box, made it seem like this pick was really just to tighten up the base and make a play for Hillary voters. Who, if they truly supported HRC, would have nothing in common with SP.

Maybe McBush will send her off to deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies.

I wish they would stop tearing up the street at midnight. It's annoying.

But maybe I should just watch last night's Daily Show on repeat. It was fantastic. Especially the Barack tribute video and the moment of zen.

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