Friday, August 01, 2008


Since I have been sending this article to everyone, I might as well post it here too. It's about a nude sunbather getting spiked through the groin. (This is going to do wonders for the searches leading to my blog...) It sounds quite painful.

In my own "ouch" moment, I fell off a chair yesterday. I was sitting on our balance ball chair (which has wheels) and it tilted slightly backwards, and next thing I knew, my tailbone and butt had smacked into the hard wood floor and the chair was on its back sliding across the floor into the TV stand. I am so bruised. Icing your tailbone and your right sits bone is not easy. It's also not easy to do at work because you'll end up with a big wet spot on your butt (which not only is misleading and not attractive, but not professional!). So I tried an "instant cold compress" but it took me about 10 minutes to get it to become cold because I couldn't manage to pop the liquid cold center. What a mess. And by the end of tonight, I realized I had also pulled a muscle on the side of my knee and my right knee was swollen and aching. Excellent. I am such a klutz. Sigh.

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