Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thoughts for a Sunday

Random thoughts:

1. Our internet is for some reason not working. I was supposed to work from home today but may have to go into the office. That would be annoying. And as a result, I am writing this on my blackberry (which is so much slower).

2. My grandmother told us a story the other night of how, when she was younger, they used to pull out lychee without breaking the skin. Then they would pop the skins like balloons. It's these types of stories, which probably seem insignificant when they happen, that I just love hearing about and want to preserve.

3. I looked through some old pictures this weekend and have decided that (a) I am quite disappointed in myself for resizing all of my digital pics from college into smaller sizes and (b) I need to take more videos.

4. I need to clean but have lost my cleaning energy that I had earlier this afternoon. Oh well. Maybe it will come back.

5. I love USA network cable shows. Best thing on this summer besides SYTYCD.

6. I am way behind on my online photo albums/backup. The lack of internet right now is not helping.

Off to do some work. Hopefully the internet will work soon!

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